I. Nathaniel PAINE - b abt 1760; before 1781 to Betsey BIRCH/BURCH. Their children were:

1. Abraham PAINE - b 28 Sep 1781; (See Below)

2. Isaac PAINE

3. Jacob PAINE - b 7 Jan 1784 Dover, Dutchess Co, NY; d 24 Jan 1858, buried Charlottsville, NY; m Lucy AUSTIN b 31 Oct 1791 Greenwich, RI; d 7 Nov 1865 bur Charlottsville, NY. Ch all born Worcester, Ostego Co, NY were: (a) George PAINE b 2 Dec 1816; d 9 Aug 1875; m Catherine CHICKERING... (b) Chester PAINE b 15 Mar 1809; d 2 Jan 1892 bur Charlottsville, NY; m 15 Nov 1827 to Rebecca CHICKERING; (c) Elizabeth Maria PAINE b 4 Mar 1811; d 7 Apr 1898; m Thomas William LAMONT

4. Charsic PAINE - b abt 1786; d 6 Aug 1850, bur Charlottsville, NY; m Sally LAMB - b abt 1787; d 4 Oct 1827 bur Half Moon, Saratoga Co, NY. Ch were: (a) Tamson PAINE b abt 1812; d 18 Dec 1844; (b) Joseph L PAINE b abt 1814; d 13 Sep 1844; (c) Martha PAINE b abt 1823; m Elkanah TEACHOUT; (d) Julia Ann PAINE b Jul 1824; d 15 Jun 1884 Cuba, MD; m 1 Jan 1843 John STILWELL

5. Betsy PAINE

6. Abbie PAINE

Family Tradition tells us that four brothers of the Payne/Paine family settled along the Hudson in New York State. Mention has also been made of a sister Judy PAINE.

Amaziah and Wheton/Wheatin Payne settled in Albany County. Joseph Payne settled in Columbia County, possibly near Chatham. Nathaniel Payne settled at Schodack Landing, Rensselaer County.

In the 1790 census for Town of Westfield (now Fort Ann), Washington County, NY there is a Nathaniel Payne listed with 1 male over 16, one male under 16, and 4 females. There is also a Nathaniel Payne, Jr. listed with 1 male over 16, one male under 16 and 2 females. A search by the Washington County Historian did not prove anything. The only thing found was that a mortgage with money being loaned to Nathan, Stephen, Samuel, James W., Noah, Jr., Daniel and Isaac B. Payne - all of Argyle, but the land was located in what was called Bayard's Patent, which is now Fort Edward - recorded 4-25-1796. The mortgagee was Catharine Lawrence of New York City. (Several familiar Payne names have been found in the N.Y. City and Long Island area in this time period).

In the 1800 census there is a Nathaniel Payne in Washington County - also a Nathan Payne (could be Nathaniel, Jr. that was in 1790 census). No Nathaniel was found in Washington Co in 1810 census. Also in 1800, there was a Nathaniel Payne in Onondaga County, NY.

In the 1810 census there is a N. Pain and an N. Pain, Jr., is Ostego County, NY. Nathaniel's son, Abraham, was found in Worcestor, Ostego Co., NY about this time, so this may be Nathaniel.

In the 1820 census there are two Nathaniel Paine's listed in Rensselaer County, NY.

In 1830 there was a Nathaniel S. Payne in Rensselaer County, NY.

Nothing has been found on Betsey Birch. Until the 1840 census only heads of households were listed by name.

There was a Nathaniel Payne who made First Lieutenant on June 5, 1811, in the 1rst Battalion Artillery, 2nd Brigade, 6th Reg. (from Landmarks of Rensselaer Co., page 88)

Searches have been done in Washington, Columbia, Rensselaer, Saratoga and Onondaga Counties. Also several Town and County Historians have been contacted. A lot of familiar names have surfaced, but no connection has been made as yet.

There was an Ameziah Payne and George W. Birch that were witnesses to the will of James McKown, Schodack in the early 19th century. (Possibly Nathaniel's brother)

Dec 30, 1995 - From early volumes of the original record of births of Boston, MA, there was a Nathaniel Paine, born 18 Aug 1760 to Samuel and Bethia Paine.

From research by R.D. Phillips held at the Nassau Free Library, Nassau, NY: Samuel Paine of Pomfret, Ct, born 1711, married in Pomfret, Lydia Smith. They had children: Samuel, born 1736; James, born 1739; Abram, born 1743; and Smith, born 1747. Mr. Phillips believed Nathaniel was the son of either Samuel or James, but as yet there is no proof of this. The son Smith Paine came to Kent, CT then to the village of Nassau where the family remained - he had sons: Amaziah, b 1772; Nathaniel; Smith, b 1776; Jira, b 1785; Joseph; Abram W. This shows a similarity in names as our Nathaniel was said to have brothers Joseph, Amaziah and Wheaton. The search continues.........

II. Abraham PAINE - b 28 Sep 1781; d 6 Nov 1861 Sheshequin Twp, Bradford Co, PA; m before 1809 Prudence PHILLIPS - b 17 Aug 1785; d 4 Mar 1861; she was dau of Isaac and Ann (???) PHILLIPS. Their ch were:

1. Lucy PAINE - b 24 Jun 1809; d 1864; m Daniel FANCHER

2. Chauncy PAINE - b 18 Jul 1811; d 1901; m Lucretia TOMPKINS

3. Ransom PAINE - b 13 Jan 1813 East Worcester, Ostego Co, NY; d 10 Jun 1898 Franklin, Bradford Co, PA; m 28 May 1837 Samantha CHAMPION - b 17 Jan 1808; d 15 May 1892 Franklin, Bradford Co, PA. Ch were: (a) O.S. PAYNE; (b) Malina A PAYNE m ??? SEARLES; (c) Ann Elizabeth PAYNE m ??? Anderson; (d) Lettie J. PAYNE m ??? LYON (e) Arminius Champion PAYNE b abt 1839; d 2 Feb 1842 bur West Franklin Cemetery, Bradford Co, PA

4. Malina PAINE - b 13 Jan 1815; d 28 Sep 1842 Sheshequin, Bradford Co, PA

5. Archibald PAINE - b 8 Sep 1816; d 7 Sep 1883 Sparta, WI; m bef 1838 Salome Orvilla SMITH, dau of William and Ann (BUTLER) SMITH. Ch were: (a) Corlenus Terpening PAINE b 1838; m 1874 Elizabeth AMIDON; (b) Mary Ann PAINE b 1839; m 1862 Enos B. LITTELL; (c) Willaim Chancey PAINE b Nov 1840; m Martha CHAMBERLANE; (d) Lucy Helen PAINE b Jan 1854; m 1874 Benton H. SHAFER

6. Abbie Ann PAINE - b 25 Sep 1818 NY; d 20 Dec 1908 North Rome, Bradford Co, PA; m Andrew SWAIN. Ch were: (a) Milton SWAIN

7. Hariett PAINE - b 16 Nov 1820; d 15 May 1903; m Cornelius VANCISE, Robert CHANDLER, Milton PHILLIPS, Daniel TOMPKINS

8. Hester Ann PAINE - b 20 Aug 1822

9. Silas Washburn PAINE - b 29 Aug 1825; (See Below)

Early papers claimed that all the children of Abraham and Prudence (Phillips) Payne were born in Schodack Landing, NY. Searches in Schodack and the surrounding towns and counties have not found any information to verify this. There is a Chauncey Payne, age 41, in the 1850 census for Town of Schodack with wife Catherine, age 42, and daughter Prudence, age 18 - this could be the son of Abraham and Prudence, but as yet this has not been verified.

The first actual proof of Abraham's existence comes from Ostego County, NY. He was found in the 1820 census for the Town of Worcester (his name spelled Paine). A search of the deeds in the Township of Worcester found a sale of land in 1817 - both Abraham and Prudence signed in "Pain", also it is written on this deed that they came from Schodack Landing, NY. In 1820 they purchased more land in Worcester and sold it in 1826 - again both signed "Paine". The final deed was in 1842, they were described as residing in the "Town of Shashagan (this must be Sheshequin), County of Bradford, State of Pennsylvania." Unfortunately, they did not have the first deed recording the purchase of the land sold in 1817.

In the 1850 census for Sheshequin, Bradford County, PA - Abram Paine is listed as age 70, born in NY (there is an "Esther" listed at age 65, born Ny - must be his wife). They are living with son Silas Paine, wife Betsy (Elizabeth), their son John H. at age 1.

In the 1860 census for Sheshequin, Bradford County, PA - Abraim Payne in listed as age 80, born in NY, and Prudence is age 75, born in NY.

From "History of Sheshequin, 1777-1902", page 329 - Cemetery records of "Ghent or Horton Cemetery" lists - March 4, 1861 Prudence, wife of Abraham Payne at age 74 6 18 ---------Nov. 6, 1861 Abraham Payne at age 81 1 8.

III. Silas Washburn PAINE - b 29 Aug 1825 Worcester, Ostego Co, NY; d 11 Oct 1911 Sheshequin Twp, Bradford Co, PA; m 2 Aug 1848 Elizabeth WAGGETT - b 10 May 1826 Shropshire, ENG; d 16 Apr 1893 Sheshequin, PA; she was dau of John and Elizabeth (HUNT) WAGGETT. Their Ch, all born Sheshequin Twp, Bradford Co, PA were:

A picture of FOUR PAYNE BROTHERS as young men

1. John Henry PAYNE - b 11 Sep 1849; d 9 Jun 1926; m 2 Dec 1874 Eliza ZELLER - b 12 Sep 1855; d 31 Dec 1937. Ch were: (a) Alonzo W. PAYNE b 9 Dec 1879; d Oct 1959; m 4 Aug 1901 Katherine SHEELER, m 2nd Lillian WALSH; (b) Fred S. PAYNE b 30 Sep 1879; d 2 Dec 1925; m Norma MOODY

2. Sarah PAYNE - b 6 Feb 1852; d 26 May 1927 bur Athens, PA; m 28 Dec 1871 William HENDERSON - b 17 Dec 1848 Port Carbon, PA; d 18 Apr 1927 Athens, PA. Ch were: (a) Marguerite HENDERSON b 26 May 1893 Tioga Co, PA; d 7 Aug 1966 Troy, PA; m 5 Feb 1917 Owego, NY to Meade C. KNIGHTS; (b) Elizabeth HENDERSON

3. Elmina PAYNE - b 30 Jun 1853; d 5 Jun 1927; m 25 Dec 1871 James FREDERICK - b abt 1848. Ch were: (a) Fred FREDERCIK b abt 1874

4. Martin Rogers PAYNE - b 11 Jan 1856; d 6 Apr 1930; m 3 Jan 1883 Sylvia BILLINGS; m 2nd Edna MENOLD

5. Charles Emerson PAYNE - b 20 Sep 1858; d 10 Jul 1938; m 13 Feb 1884 Ida SHEELER b 13 Nov 1864; d 16 May 1919; m 2nd 9 Nov 1921 to Victoria Munn MCKINNEY b 12 Jun 1863 Litchfield, PA. Ch of Charles & Ida were: (a) William S. Payne b 2 Feb 1894; d 12 Jun 1960 Athens, PA; m Carolyn BITNER; m 2nd Chalotte LUTHER; (b) Emerson H. PAYNE b 9 Sep 1898; d 11 Oct 1967; m 13 Nov 1921 Edna K. BRENCHLEY, m 2nd Gladys E. WALKER

6. Frank George PAYNE - b 24 Apr 1864; d 23 Jun 1956 bur Vestal, NY; m 20 Sep 1889 Grace Adell FRENCH - b 9 Aug 1871; d 26 Dec 1958 Endicott, NY. Ch were: (a) Stanley PAYNE b 30 Sep 1898 North Ghent, PA; d 16 Mar 1988 Dahlonega, GA; m 30 Apr 1920 Helen CHANDLER; (b) Wanda Arlington PAYNE (still living as of this date 30 Mar 1997)

7. Silas Fredrick PAYNE - b 2 Mar 1868; d 17 Feb 1872

In the 1850 census for Sheshequin, Bradford Co., PA - Silas Paine is listed as age 25, occupation farmer, Value of Real Estate at $600, born NY - his wife Betsy is age 24, born England - son John H., age 1, born PA - his father Abram, age 70, born NY - Esther (must be Prudence) age 65, born NY - Abigail, age 32 (sister to Silas), born NY - also listed is Joseph Gannon, age 9, born NY.

In the 1860 census for Sheshequin, County of Bradford, PA --- Silas Payne is listed as age 34, Lumberman, Value of Real Estate at $2,000, Value of Personal Estate at $1,000, and born in NY. Elizabeth is age 34, born England. John is age 10, born PA. Sarah is age 9, born PA. Elmina is age 7, born PA. Martin is age 4, born PA. Charles is age 1, born PA.

In the 1870 census for Sheshequin, Bradford Co, PA -- Silas Pain is age 44, works in sawmill, born NY & is eligible to vote - wife Elizabeth, age 44, occupation is keeping house, born England - children John H. is 20, Sarah M. 19, Elmina 17, Martin 14, Charles 11, Silas Jr. 7, and George F. 6, all born in PA.

In the 1880 census for Sheshequin Twp., Bradford Co, PA -- Silas Payn, no age listed, farmer, born NY, father born NY, mother born NY - Elizabeth, wife, age 54, keeping house, born Eng, father born Eng, mother born Eng - Martin, son, age 24, farmer, born PA, father born PA, mother born Eng - Charles, age 21, son, sawmill, born PA, father born PA, mother born Eng - Frankie, age 16, son, farm laborer, born PA, father born PA, mother born Eng. Also in same household - James Frederick, age 32, son-in-law, farm laborer, born PA, father born NY, mother born NY - Elmina, wife, living with father, born PA, father born PA, mother born England - Freddie, age 6, son, attending school, born PA, father born PA, mother born PA. (This census states that father to Martin, Charles & Frankie was born in PA, but incorrect, born NY)

In the 1900 census for Sheshequin, Bradford Co, PA -- Silas Payne, head of household, born Aug 1825, age 74, widowed, born NY, father born NY, mother born Eng (not correct), retired farmer, can read & write, can speak English, owns home free & clear, is farm - Frank G., son, born June 1865, age 34, married 11 years, farmer, born PA, father born NY, mother born Eng - Grace A., daughter-in-law, born aug 1871, age 28, married 11 years, born PA, father born PA, mother born PA, can read, write & speak English - Stanley, son, born Sep. 1888, age 1, born PA. Also in this household is Lottie Towner, servant, born Sep. 1867, age 32, single, born PA, father born PA, mother born PA, can read, write & speak English.

Silas and Elizabeth are buried at Sheshequin Cemetery. His sister, Malina is buried next to them - she died at age 27.

IV. Martin Rogers PAYNE - b 11 Jan 1856 Sheshequin Twp, PA; d 6 Apr 1930 North Ghent, Bradford Co, PA; m 3 Jan 1883 at Hornbrook, Bradford Co, PA Sylvia BILLINGS - b 8 Sep 1850 Sheshequin, PA; d 11 Aug 1918 North Ghent, PA; dau of Alfonso and Abigail (HEMENWAY) BILLINGS. Their ch born North Ghent were:

1. Mabel PAYNE - b 1885; d 17 Dec 1931; m Earl SMITH. Ch were: (a) Harold SMITH m Jean MCCARTHY

2. Floyd Silas PAYNE - b 17 Aug 1887; d 26 Nov 1973 Sayre, Bradford Co, PA; m (Wedding Photo) 1st on 5 Aug 1908 at Rome, PA to Bessie May BIDLACK - b 19 May 1887; d 25 Jun 1923, they had six children. Floyd m 2nd on 21 Jan 1925 at Hornbrook, PA to Mattie MYERS; b 13 May 1904 Tunkhannock, Wyoming Co, PA; d 8 Sep 1994 Burlington, PA. They had nine children. Floyd and Mattie (MYERS) PAYNE were my parents.


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