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James Bidlake
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Benjamin Bidlake
James Bidlack I
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Jobe Bidlack
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I. John BIDLAKE - m 11 Feb 1616/17 at Dartington Parish, Devonshire, ENG to Ede YEDE; Ch were:

1. James BIDLAKE - bapt 17 May 1619 (See Below)

II. James BIDLAKE - bapt 17 May 1619 Dartington, ENG; d Nov 1667, bur Dartington Churchyard; m May 1660 Dartington, ENG to Winnifred HED of Rattery Parish, ENG; d 27 Aug 1671. Ch were:

1. Christopher BIDLAKE - bapt 7 May 1661 (See Below)

2. James BIDLAKE, Jr. - bapt r Jan 1662/63 at Dartington, ENG; m 15 Dec 1687 Broadhempston, ENG to Agniss STEPHENS.


III. Christopher BIDLAKE - bpt Dartington, ENG; d 23 Feb 1740/41 Windham, CT; m 1rst Anna ???; m 2nd 1693 to Sarah FULLER b 1665 Ipswich, MA; d 25 Nov 1739 Windham, CT, she was dau of John and Elizabeth (EMERSON) FULLER. Ch were:

1. Benjamin BIDLAKE - (no record of birth found); d 3 Feb 1740/41 Windham, CT; m 4 Sep 1722 Windham, CT to Lydia ABBE;

2. Mary BIDLAKE - b 15 Aug 1694 Ipswich, MA; d 22 Jun 1725 in childbirth at Windham, CT; m 16 Dec 1713 Windham, CT to Ebenezer GENNINGS b 18 Feb 1691/92 Windham, CT; d 20 Apr 1753 Windham, CT, son of Jonathan GENNINGS; Ch were: (A) Ebenezer GENNINGS, Jr.; (B) Mary GENNINGS; (C) Bethia GENNINGS; (D) Jonathan GENNINGS; (E) Silas GENNINGS

3. Bethia BIDLAKE - d 21 May 1760; m 4 Dec 1715 to William KING.


"Christopher Bidlake was the progenitor of the Bidlake/Bidlack family in America.

He was only seven years old when his Father died late in November 1667 (buried Dartington Churchyard, England on 26 Nov 1667), and less that four years later his Mother died. No record has been found to reveal where Christopher was reared following his Mother's death.

He is next found in America in the town of Ipswich, MA. The earliest record found at Ipswich was the death of his wife, Anna on 13 Dec 1692. Therefore, it appears that Christopher came from England, probably sailing with his wife from Plymouth, to Ipswich sometime before Dec 1692. (It is not known whether he and Anna had any children) Sometime in 1693, Christopher married a second time to Sarah, widow of Nathaniel Hovey of Ipswich.

On 7 Sep 1710 Christopher Bidlake held a seat in the meeting house at Ipswich. There were thirteen "Long Seats" to which a committed assigned individuals on the basis of age and property, as well as their station in the community. He was assigned to the 12th "Long Seat".

Like other New England "towns", which in the western states in later years would have been called "townships", Ipswich extended much beyond the village itself. Communities grew up within the town which eventually became separate towns, with their own church and meeting house. It was in one such community, called "The Hamlet", that Christopher Bidlake resided when a petition was prepared in 1712 which bears his name. This petition claimed that some 40 families then lived in The Hamlet.

Christopher moved with his family to Windham, CT sometime between 1 May 1712, ( when he signed the above petition) and 26 Feb 1715, when he registered his "ear-mark" (the mark by which he identified his livestock in Windham). The part of Windham he settled is located about 75 miles (as the crow flies) south-west of Ipswich.

Between 7 Mar 1715 and 29 Aug 1722, Christopher bought and sold several properties. In 1722, he deeded "my house and Land that I now live upon" to Benjamin Bidlake "in consideration of the love and affection that I have and do have to my son". Benjamin in turn, two months later, on 29 Oct 1722, signed an agreement "for and in consideration of the Love and affection that I have and the duty that I owe to my honoured father and mother Christopher and Sarah Bidlake" by which he granted "unto my sd. Father & mother full power good right and lawful authority to have hold use occupie Improve possess and Enjoy the whole of It or so much of It as they or Either of them shall see meet during their natural lives..." He reserved to himself and his heirs only the ownership of the land after the deaths of Christopher and Sarah Bidlake.

Christopher and Sarah lived for nearly twenty years after they deeded their land to Benjamin. In his eightieth year when he died 23 Feb 1740-1, he was surely one of the oldest men in the community. He lived to see the death of his only son, Benjamin, who died just 20 days before him on 3 Feb 1740-1"


IV. Benjamin BIDLAKE - (no birth record found); d 3 Feb 1740/41 Windham, CT; m 4 Sep 1722 Windham, CT to Lydia ABBE b 21 May 1696 Wenham, MA; d 1769 Pomfret, CT; she was the dau of John and Hannah (GOLDSMITH) ABBE, Jr.; Ch were:

1. Sarah BIDLAKE - b 24 Nov 1723; d 5 Sep 1749; m 16 Jun 1742 in Windham, CT to Nathaniel FLINT, Jr. b 5 Sep 1720; d Jan 1795; son of Nathaniel & Sarah (CUTLER) FLINT, Sr.; Ch were: (A) Benjamin FLINT b 27 Sep 1743; (B) Nathaniel FLINT III b 15 Jul 1745; (C) Sarah FLINT b 28 Apr 1747

2. Benjamin BIDLAKE, Jr - b 10 Jul 1725; d 1755, killed by Indians in rte. to Ft. Edward as a soldier; m 11 Nov 1742 Windham, CT to Edith SPAULDING; dau of Jonathan & Eunice (WOODWARD) SPAULDING; Ch were: (A) Jonathan BIDLAKE b 19 Nov 1744; m 22 Apr 1767 to Hannah CUTLER; (B) Ruth BIDLAKE b 14 Feb 1746/47; d 7 Jan 1751/52; (C) Sarah BIDLAKE b 29 Nov 1748; d 15 Jan 1751/52

3. James BIDLAKE - b 3 Jan 1726/27; d 29 Mar 1728

4. James BIDLACK I - b 28 Oct 1728 (See Below)

5. John BIDLACK - b 28 Oct 1730; m abt 1750 to Mary WOODWARD b 3 Apr 1730; d 1769; dau of Amos & Hannah (MEACHUM) WOODWARD; Ch were: (A) Benjamin BIDLACK b 10 Oct 1751; died as an infant; (B) Amos BIDLACK b 19 May 1754; d 23 Aug 1777; (C) Mindwell BIDLACK b 29 Aug 1756; m 28 May 1775 Pomfret, CT to Amaziah FASSETT; (D) John BIDLACK, Jr. b 1 Jun 1758; d 8 Aug 1776

6. Mary BIDLAKE - b 29 Jul 1732; d 27 Feb 1732/33 at nearly seven months.

7. Mary Bidlake - b 4 Dec 1733; m 28 Feb 1749/50 at Canterbury to Silas WOODWARD; Ch were: (A) Sarah WOODWARD b 14 Jun 1752

8. Lydia BIDLAKE - b 8 Jan 1736/37; d 16 Apr 1811 Ashford, CT; m 2 Mar 1756 at Canterbury to Asa FARNHAM b 11 Nov 1731 Windham, CT; d 11 Jul 1807 Ashford, CT; Ch were: (A) Lydia FARNHAM b 24 Feb 1758 Ashford, CT; m Joseph SNELL; (B) Asa FARNHAM b 23 Jul 1760; (C) Solomon FARNHAM b 17 Jun 1762 Mansfield, CT; m Salla AVERY; (D) John FARNHAM b 8 Apr 1765; d 17 Mar 1767; (E) Jonathan FARNHAM 13 Mar 1767; m Eunice SNELL; (F) Eleasaph FARNHAM b 25 Jul 1769 (G) Hannah FARNHAM b 2 Nov 1775; m Ephraim SPAULDING; (H) Sarah FARNHAM b 23 May 1778; (I) Bethia FARNHAM

9. Bethia BIDLAKE - b 22 May 1738; m 24 Jun 1756 Windham, CT to Christopher DAVISON; Ch were: (A) Daniel DAVISON b 9 Nov 1757

10. Hannah BIDLAKE - b 26 Aug 1741; d bef 19 Jan 1773; m 10 Feb 1762 at Canterbury to Benjamin JEWETT b 30 Nov 1739


"Since there is no record of the birth of Benjamin Bidlake, and no reference to his age at any point in his life, it cannot be determined whether he was the son of Anna (his Father's first wife) or Sarah (2nd wife) - Circumstantial evidence supports the theory that he was the son of Sarah."

"No record has yet been found containing the name of Benjamin Bidlake in Ipswich, MA where his father, Christopher, lived until the family moved to CT between 1712 and 1715. Benjamin did not sign the petition which his father signed on May 1, 1712, asking that the settlement within the town of Ipswich called The Hamlet (now Hamilton) be set off as a separate precinct--had he been of age in 1712 (born prior to 1691), Benjamin would surely have signed this petition with his father."

"Benjamin accompanied his parents in their move from Ipswich, MA to Windham, CT. On 5 Apr 1728 he registered his "ear-mark" in Windham (each owner of livestock had a different mark for identifying his animals). It is curious that Benjamin did not register his own ear-mark until six years after he was married, but the answer probably lies in the fact that Benjamin and his father were closely associated in their work and probably continued to live in the same household. It is known that Benjamin was a storekeeper in the Canada Parish section of the town of Windham--the village in which they lived was called Windham Village, but is now called Hampton. It is possible that father and son were in the same business, although running a store at this early date was probably a sideline to farming. There were only 34 families in Canada Parish in 1722, not enough to provide a very good business for a storekeeper."

"The earliest record found thus far pertaining to Benjamin Bidlake is a deed of gift dated 29 Aut 1722, which is recorded in the Windham town records (Deed Book F, page 42) - this is when Christopher Bidlake gave his son, Benjamin, his 100-acre home farm in Canada Parish."


V. James BIDLACK I - b 28 Oct 1728; d abt 1781; m 14 Feb 1749/50 Canterbury, CT to Mehetabel DURKEE b 10 Feb 1730/31 Windham, CT; d abt 1810 (?)Plymouth, PA; dau of Deacon William & Susannah (SABIN) DURKEE; Ch were:

1. Capt. James BIDLACK II - b Nov 1750 (See Below)

2. Shubael BIDLACK - b 14 Aug 1752; d 9 Apr 1793; m 1rst to Lydia JOHNSON who d abt 1781; m 2nd in 1787 to Abigail ALDEN, dau of Prince ALDEN & Mary FITCH; Ch were: (A) John Jameson BIDLACK b 1788; (B) Lydia BIDLACK b 1790 (C) Shubael BIDLACK, Jr b 1792

3. William BIDLACK - b 8 Aug 1754; d bef 1778; was POW after Battle of Long Island

4. Sarah BIDLACK - b 30 Apr 1756; d 31 Jan 1837; m 1rst to Stephen FULLER; they had dau Mary FULLER b 16 Apr 1778; Sarah m 2nd 7 Jul 1782 to Asa ABBOTT, they had a son James ABBOTT b 28 Oct 1785

5. Mehetabel BIDLACK - b 27 Dec 1758; d 22 Nov 1759

6. Mehetabel BIDLACK - b 21 Jan 1760; d 21 Jan 1760

7. Benjamin BIDLACK - b 6 Jan 1762; d 27 Nov 1845; m 1rst to Lydia ALDEN; m 2nd on 15 Apr 1811 to Sarah GORE b 23 Nov 1756 Norwich, CT; d 20 May 1841; Ch of Benjamin & Lydia were: (A) Mehetabel BIDLACK b 1784, d Jun 1826 White Springs, NY, m Jesse PRIOR; (B) Mary BIDLACK b bef 1790, d bef 1841; (C) Matilda BIDLACK b bef 1799, m Charles FRANCIS; (D) Lydia BIDLACKb aft 1799, m Isaac LAMBKIN; (E) Benjamin Alden BIDLACK b 8 Sep 1804 at Paris, Oneida Co, NY, m Frances STEWART & Matilda Margaret WALLACE

8. Martha BIDLACK - b 24 Mar 1764; m 8 Jun 1783 to Daniel DENTON, son of Lt. Gilbert DENTON; Ch were: (A) Johannah DENTON b 1784; (B) Gilbert DENTON b 1784; (C) Daniel DENTON b 1787; (D) Nehemiah DENTON b 1789; (E) Gilbert DENTON b 1791; (F) Frances DENTON b 1793; (G) Elizabeth DENTON b 1795; (H) Shubael B DENTON b 26 Jan 1798; (I) Thomas DENTON b 5 Jun 1800; (J) Samuel DENTON b 1803; (K) Deborah DENTON b 1806

9. Anson BIDLACK - bapt. 4 Jan 1767

10. Philomon BIDLACK - b 20 Jul 1769; d 4 Aug 1844 Delaware, OH; m 22 Sep 1792 to Sarah FLEMING; Ch were: (A) Peter BIDLACK b 1793; (B) James BIDLACK b 5 Jan 1795; (C) Samuel BIDLACK 1799; (D) William W BIDLACK b 18 Jun 1801; (E) Christiana BIDLACK b 1804; (F) John BIDLACK b 1807; (G) Sarah BIDLACK b 2 May 1809; (H) George A BIDLACK b 1813; (I) Martha BIDLACK b abt 1815; (J) Elizabeth BIDLACK b 26 Apr 1817, d 26 Apr 1817

11. John BIDLACK - b 22 Apr 1771 at Canterbury, Windham Co, CT; d 1 Mar 1814 at Detroit, MI Territory (War of 1812); m abt 1793 to Elizabeth TILBURY, dau of John TILBURY & Lena van WIEN; Ch were: (A) Elinor BIDLACK b 12 Aut 1792, d 20 Mar 1857 is buried Darke Co. OH, m 31 Dec 1809 at Franklin Co, OH to John GILBERT; (B) Lydia BIDLACK b abt 1800, m Dec 1819 to John YOUNG; (C) Benjamin Franklin BIDLACK b 11 Aug 1810 in OH, d 25 Feb 1852 Darke Co, OH, m 22 May 1832 at Fairfield Co, OH to Elizabeth SLIFE; (D) Eliza BIDLACK b abt 1814, m 13 Nov 1831 in Fairfield Co, OH to Solomon ROSE


VI. James BIDLACK II - b 26 Nov 1750; d 3 Jul 1778 at Battle of Wyoming; m 30 Apr 1772 in Canterbury, CT to Abigail FULLER b 1 Jan 1753; d 30 Jan 1834 Athens, Bradford Co, PA, she was dau of Capt. Stephen FULLER & Mary ABBOT; Abigail m 2nd Col John FRANKLIN;


Capt. James Bidlack, the second son of James Bidlack, removed to the Wyoming Valley from CT in 1773. After his death, his widow married Col. John Franklin and removed to Athens. Col. Franklin took her children under his own roof, and thenceforward was a father to them.

Capt. Bidlack commanded the Wilkes-Barre company and fell at the Battle of Wyoming while leading his men. He was seized by the savage fiends and thrown on the burning logs of the fort, held down with pitchforks and tortured till he expired. The day that Capt. Bidlack led his men into action, his father commanded a company of aged men and kept garrison in the fort at Plymouth.

Children were:

1. Stephen BIDLACK - b 5 Jan 1773 at Canaan, CT; d 4 Mar 1849 at Spencer, Tioga Co, NY; m 28 Mar 1793 at Chemung Co, NY to Lois RANSOM, b 30 Mar 1775 in Plymouth, PA; d 21 Mar 1856 Spencer, NY, dau of Capt. Samuel RANSOM & Esther LAWRENCE; Ch were: (A) Abigail BIDLACK - b 24 Sep 1794 at Athens, Bradford Co, PA; d 4 Dec 1879 at Springfield, Oakland Co, MI; m 6 Mar 1823 at Spencer, NY to Simon Lee MCQUIGG; (B) Sarah BIDLACK - b 29 Mar 1796 at Athens, PA; d 29 Jul 1865 at Athens, PA; m 1 Jan 1817 to Samuel OVERSHIRE; (C) Sybil BIDLACK b 7 Jan 1798 Athens, PA; d 17 Mar 1798 Athens, PA; (D) Celestia BIDLACK b 3 Jun 1799 Athens, PA; d 25 May 1833 Litchfield, Bradford Co, PA; m 30 Apr 1816 at Spencer, NY to Samuel MCKINNEY; (E) Marinda BIDLACK b 21 Apr 1803 Spencer, NY; d 23 Apr 1855 Hobart, IN; m 21 Nov 1824 at Spencer, NY to John Tilmon MORSE; (F) Harriett BIDLACK b 19 Oct 1807 at Spencer, NY; d 4 May 1873 Mundy, MI; m 5 Nov 1826 at Spencer, NY to Peter Maryhugh NORTH; (G) Emily BIDLACK b 3 Feb 1813 Spencer, NY; m 13 Feb 1836 at Spencer to Moses BARTRON; (H) Ransom BIDLACK b 10 Apr 1817 Spencer, NY; d 13 Jun 1896 at Spencer, NY; m Lorena Deliah VORHIS & Adelia VORHIS

NOTES: FROM: BIDLAKE/BIDLACK PERIODICAL, Issue 6, Nov 1988, as written by Russell Bidlack, Page 161-163

Stephen Bidlack, who had doubtless been named for his maternal grandfather, was a five-year-old lad at the time of the Wyoming Massacre, during which his father, James Bidlack, Jr., had been killed. He doubtless lived with his mother, Abigail (Fuller) Bidlack, in Wilkes-Barre during his youth, but we have no information regarding him during those years. When his mother married John Franklin as her second husband on Nov. 24, 1790, Stephen accompanied her to their new home in the town of Athens, then still within the county of Luzerne, in PA. When Bradford Co. was created in 1812, however, the town of Athens became part of the new county and continues so today. There is a family tradition that the Bidlack children, including Stephen, became very fond of their step-father, and that he was kind and generous to them.

Having been born on Jan. 5, 1773, Stephen was 20 years old when he was married on March 28, 1793, in Chemung, NY, to Lois Ransom. Chemung is a town(ship) in Chemung Co., NY, just over the line from Bradford Co., PA. In fact, the towns of Athens, PA and Chemung, NY, actually adjoin.

Lois Ransom had been born on March 30, 1775, and was the 9th child of Samuel and Esther (Laurence) Ransom. Samuel Ransom's farm was in the town of Plymouth, the settlement in the Wyoming Valley in which James Bidlack, Sr. lived. The Bidlack and Ransom families were near neighbors and friends. Like James Bidlack, Sr. and James Bidlack, Jr., Samuel Ransom became a captain in the Westmoreland militia and commanded a company. His was one of the two companies in the Wyoming Valley to be ordered by the Continental Congress in late Dec. 1776 to join Gen. Washington. Had those two companies remained in the Valley, as the settlers had been promised they would, the Battle of Wyoming might never have taken place.

These two "independent companies" commanded by Captains Ransom and Durkee comprised a total of some 160 men when they left the Valley on Jan. 1, 1777. They fought at Brandywine & Germantown, after which they were attached to the 1st Connecticut Regiment and wintered at Valley Forge in 1777-78. By the summer of 1778, their numbers had been seriously reduced by death and disease, and the remaining men were consolidated into one company under the command of Capt. Simon Spaulding. Ransom and Durkee were ordered to serve under Spaulding. When the regimental commander learned that the British might attack the Wyoming Valley in early July, he ordered Spaulding to march his company toward Forty Fort and the relief of the settlers. They marched to Reading, then to Bethlehem, Nazareth, and through the Wind-Gap to a place called Shoup's where they were camped on the night before the Battle of Wyoming. This was about 30 miles from Forty Fort. Col. Zebulon Butler, having received word that Spaulding was on the way, assumed the company was making more rapid progress than it was.

Having become impatient with Spaulding's slow progress, and aware of their families' danger in the Valley, Ransom and Durkee resigned their commissions, as did also Lt. Timothy Pierce, on the afternoon of July 2nd, and dashed ahead of the company, riding all night. They arrived at Forty Fort shortly after the six militia companies had marched out the gates. All three men were killed on the battlefield. According to one account, Ransom and Durkee were tortured to death on the same burning logs as was James Bidlack, Jr.

Stephen Bidlack and Lois Ransom had much in common. As children, they had suffered the same hardships of pioneering in a new land, along with the agonies of war, and their fathers had died together defending their homes. During much of their youths, they had lived in daily fear of the Indians and of the continuing conflict with the Pennamites.

There was still another link that probably helped bring Stephen Bidlack and Lois Ransom together. Lois's mother, Esther (Laurence) Ransom, and Stephen's grandfather, James Bidlack, Sr., had been married sometime after 1782. Mehetabel (Durkee) Bidlack, first wife of James Bidlack, Sr. (and Stephen's grandmother) had died either just before or soon after the elder James Bidlack returned to the Valley from his captivity in Canada--he had been released by the British on Sept. 10, 1781.

A brother of Lois Ransom, George P. Ransom, was also a member of Spaulding's company--he had been only 14 when he had joined his father's militia unit as his "waiter." Since he was not an officer, George could not resign from the army as did his father on July 2nd but remained with the company. On the afternoon of July 3rd, when fleeing settlers met the company and reported that the whole Valley was in the possession of the Indians, Spaulding moved his men to Strudsburgh where he waited for orders from Col. Zebulon Butler.

George Peck, in his "Wyoming", published in New York by Harper in 1872, devoted a chapter to the adventures of George P. Ransom and included (page 316) the following: "After a delay of several weeks, Spaulding's company, together with some of the settlers under the leadership of Colonel Butler, proceeded to the Valley, and buried the dead who lay upon the battle-field. Young Ransom [George P.] was in the company, and, after diligent search among the slain, was finally enabled to identify the body of his father from his shoe and knee buckles. His head was severed from his body, and the body was much burned. Another son of Captain Ransom who was in the battle had his arm broken by a ball, and escaped by swimming the river and diving when the savages shot at him from the shore."

Following the war, George P. Ransom returned to his father's farm at Plymouth, and it is in connection with him that we have our earliest official record pertaining to Stephen Bidlack. This is a deed dated Sept. 12, 1794, by which Stephen Bidlack, with his wife, Lois, along with a sister of Lois named Sybil, who had married Ira Stephens, all identified as "of Athens in the County of Luzerne," sold to George P. Ransom for 32 pounds all the claims that Lois and Sybil had to their father's (Samuel Ransom's) estate. Sybil signed her name as "Sybbel Stephens." Samuel Ransom, Jr. and Jesse Smith signed as witnesses. (See Luzerne County Deed Book 3, page 166.)

On Oct. 30, 1795, Stephen Bidlack purchased three different parcels of land in Athens from one of the town's original proprietors, Waterman Baldwin. Perhaps it was with his wife's sale of her share of her father's estate that he was able to make this investment, or it may have been with the help of his step-father. Then on March 15, 1796, Stephen sold one of the parcels of land, a one-acre lot, back to Baldwin for 10 pounds. (See Luzerne County Deed Book 4, page 172.)

On June 14, 1797, Stephen Bidlack sold to Arnold Colt of Wilkes-Barre for 55 pounds a tract of 10 acres in Athens which had been part of his original purchase from Baldwin--it was Lot 50 "in the second division of Lots" and was bounded "southerly on the Town platt, westwardly on the Tioga River, northerly on Lands belonging to Stephen [himself], and Eastwardly on the highway Leading from Athens aforesaid to Shepards Mills." (Luzerne County Deed Book 5, pages 394-395.)

Then, on April 21, 1798, Stephen Bidlack, for 100 pounds, sold the last of his Baldwin land, a tract of 14 acres, to his brother-in-law, Samuel Ransom, now a resident of Tioga County, NY. These 14 acres adjoined lands owned by Ira Stephens, his wife's brother-in-law. Ira and Sybil witnessed this deed. (Luzerne County Deed Book 5, pages 345-46.)

This last sale of land was probably made because Stephen Bidlack was about to move from Athens, PA, to Tioga Point in Tioga County, NY. From there he moved to Spencer, also in Tioga County, in 1800.

2. Sally BIDLACK - b 1775; m Franklin CHITSEY

3. Hettie BIDLACK - b 1776, removed to MI; m William PATRICK

4. James Bidlack III - b 22 Sep 1778 (See Below)


VII. James BIDLACK III - b 22 Sep 1778 in Wyoming Valley, PA; d 30 Apr 1828 at Sheshequin, Bradford Co, PA; m 1803 Sheshequin Twp, PA to Esther MOORE b 16 May 1787 CT; d 28 Aug 1863, she was dau of Daniel Moore b Ireland. Ch were:

1. Anson BIDLACK - b 7 May 1804; d 14 Apr 1865; Unmarried

2. Mary (Polly) BIDLACK - b 20 Jan 1806; d 10 May 1891; m 18 Dec 1828 Bradford Co, PA to Joseph MCKINNEY b 17 Sep 1802 at Sheshequin, son of Henry MCKINNEY & Rebecca HYNMAN; Ch were: (A) Eliza MCKINNEY b 21 Mar 1830, m C.S. WHEATON; (B) Horace MCKINNEY b 5 Feb 1832; d 19 Jan 1877; Lived on farm with his father until his death; (C) Clarissa MCKINNEY b 14 Sep 1834; m T.W. BRINK; (D) Joseph MCKINNEY, Jr b 11 Feb 1838; m Emily VANGORDER; Lived on part of his father's farm; (E) Alfred MCKINNEY b 14 Jun 1842; d 3 Dec 1843; (F) Anna MCKINNEY b 9 Jun 1845; d 15 Jun 1875; Lived with parents until her death;

3. Sarah (Sally) BIDLACK - b 28 Sep 1808; d 11 Mar 1883 at North Ghent, Bradford Co, PA; m Henry (Philip) VERBECK, son of Philip VERBECK

4. Lydia BIDLACK - b 20 Jul 1811; d abt 1883; m 24 Aug 1834 to Samuel P WOLCOTT of Litchfield, Bradford Co, PA

5. Zipporah BIDLACK - b 5 Aug 1816; d 12 May 1895; m 18 Nov 1838 to John E HORTON, b abt 1817; d 10 Mar 1899 Bur Ghent (Horton) Cem

6. Abigail BIDLACK - b 17 Oct 1818; d abt 1894 Towner Hill, Bradford Co, PA; m Martin V. B. TOWNER of Rome, Bradford Co, PA

7. James BIDLACK IV - b 30 Jan 1821 (See Below)

8. Daniel M BIDLACK - b 23 Apr 1823; d 25 Apr 1905; m Caroline SMITH b 16 Feb 1831; d 16 Dec 1903, dau of Cornelius SMITH; Ch were: (A) Horace G BIDLACK m Sarah CHAFFEE; Perle BIDLACK b 1869; d 1947 Bur Tioga Point Cem, Athens, PA; m Ione HANCOCK; (C) Amanda BIDLACK m ??? MILLER; (D) Susan BIDLACK m Howard HORTON

9. Stephen BIDLACK - b 10 Apr 1826; d 29 Jan 1908; m 17 May 1848 to Ethelinda VIBBERT, ceremony performed by the Rev. Joseph TOWNER


James Bidlack first located on Orange Hill, on the line between Sheshequin and Litchfield, then lived for a time on the M. F. Smith place, and in 1822 located permanently at Ghent on the farm now occupied by his son, Daniel M. Bidlack. He was accidentally killed April 30, 1828, while loading a raft at Sheshequin.


VIII. James BIDLACK IV - b 30 Jan 1821 Of Windham, Bradford Co, PA; d 24 Oct 1903 at North Ghent, Bradford Co, PA; m 12 Jan 1847 at Rome, Bradford Co, PA to Laura RUSSELL b 18 Dec 1831 Of Rome, PA; d 5 May 1908 at North Ghent, dau of Hezekiah RUSSELL III and Margaret MOORE; Ch were:

1. Esther Jane Bidlack - b abt 1848 at Sheshequin, PA; d 8 Jan 1851 at Sheshequin

2. Anson BIDLACK - b Jun 1851 at Sheshequin; d 1931; m 12 Jul 1871 at Rome, PA to Elizabeth BILLINGS b 1854 Sheshequin Twp; d 1931 Rome, PA; Ch were: (A) Hannah BIDLACK b Dec 1879; m John BAXTER, son of Francis BAXTER; (B) Orrin BIDLACK b abt 1872 m Addie AYERS

3. Jasper BIDLACK - b 6 Jun 1853; d 14 May 1922; m Hattie PARKS; Ch were: (A) Franklin Elmer BIDLACK b 29 Jan 1881; d 1950; m Rose CATLIN; (B) William BIDLACK m Ruby COLE; (C) Mary BIDLACK m Charles BIRNEY; (D) Leslie BIDLACK m Ethel WRIGHT; (E) Erne BIDLACK (F) John BIDLACK

4. Margaret BIDLACK - b Sep 1854 in PA; d abt 1914; m 1876 to Ogden N BILLINGS b May 1853 at Sheshequin, PA; d 1917, son of Alfonso BILLINGS & Abigail Mahala HEMENWAY; Ch were: (A) Bertha BILLINGS b Aug 1877; d 1953; (B) Bertha BILLINGS b 1879; d 1949; (C) Flossie BILLINGS b Oct 1886; (D) Jennie BILLINGS b Jul 1888; d 1957; m Joseph LAPLANTE; (E) Edna BILLINGS b Aug 1891; d abt 1908

5. Caroline BIDLACK - b abt 1857; m George CHANDLER

6. Jobe W BIDLACK - b 12 Sep 1860 (See Below)

7. Daniel BIDLACK - b abt 1867; m Phoebe D COTY

8. Hattie BIDLACK - b abt 1869; m Ira MERRILL

9. Wealtha BIDLACK - b abt 1872; m Guy HERRICKS

IX. Jobe BIDLACK - b 12 Sep 1860 at North Ghent, Bradford Co, PA; d 5 Sep 1942 at North Ghent; m Alice M HASKINS b 1866 at Borie, PA; d 1933, dau of Washington HASKINS & Marinda REED; Ch were:

1. Bessie May BIDLACK - b 19 May 1887 (See Below)

2. Grace BIDLACK - m John K STEVENS & Francis VAN NESS

3. Weltha Irene BIDLACK - b 15 Apr 1901; d 5 Sep 1992; m 2 Apr 1919 at Towanda, Bradford Co, PA to Norman PARKS

X. Bessie May BIDLACK - b 19 May 1887 at North Ghent, Bradford Co, PA; d 25 Jun 1923 at North Ghent; m 5 Aug 1908 at Rome, Bradford Co, PA to Floyd Silas Payne as his first wife. (Wedding Photo)