by Abram William Foote
by Abram William Foote, Gateway Press Inc, Vol II L.O.C. 81-82904,
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I. John FOOTE - b abt 1500 England; m Helen WARREN b abt 1500 England; Children, all born Royston, Hertfordshire, England:

1. Robert FOOTE I - b abt 1523; See Below

2. John FOOTE - b abt 1525

3. Lois FOOTE - b abt 1527

4. Aves FOOTE

5. Elizabeth FOOTE

NOTES: Johns undated will was probated 18 July 1558 in which he leaves to the church of Royston, 20 shilling; to wife Helen, all lands and tenements in Royston for life; and 80 pounds are to be divided among all the children not named at this point; to servant Maud Smythe 6 pounds 13 shilling 4 pence to her marriage; 3 pounds that my brother Foote oweth to his two eldest children; to wife's brother Richard Warren the younger and to her uncle John Jenawaye of Stoone, 40 shillings each; to wife the rest; to sone Robert a goblet, feather bed and bedding; to son John Foote a silver salt, feather bed and bedding; to Aves Foote and Elizabeth Foote, daughters, each three of the best spoons, bed and bedding; all the remainder to wife named executrix; witnesses William Meede, citizen and grocer of London; John Jenaway, Nicholas Warreyn of Bassingbourn and Richard Warreyn of Bassingbourn.

II. Robert FOOTE I - b abt 1523; d abt 1590 England; m Elizabeth HALL b abt 1527 England; d aft 1597 England; Ch were:

1. Alice/Avis FOOTE - b abt 1549 Royston, Hertfordshire, Eng; m ??? SAWLE

2. Elizabeth FOOTE - b abt 1551; Royston; m ??? SMITH

3. Robert FOOTE II - b abt 1553; See Below

4. John FOOTE - b abt 1556 Royston; d abt 1634 London, Middlesex, Eng; m 11 Apr 1581 St. Mary, Woolchurch, England to Margaret BROOKE

NOTES: Robert was the Lord Mayor of London, a knight and baronet. He was a strong Puritan

III. Robert FOOTE II - b abt 1553 Shalford, Essex, Eng; d 15 Feb 1607/08 London; m 12 Jun 1576 at Eastcheap in London to Joane BROOKE b abt 1555 London; d abt 1608; she was dau of John and Elizabeth (WHETMAN) BROOKE; Ch, all b Eng, were:

1. Robert FOOTE III - b abt 1582; d abt 1645 London

2. James FOOTE - b abt 1584

3. Elizabeth FOOTE - b abt 1586

4. Joseph FOOTE - b abt 1587

5. Mary FOOTE - b abt 1588; m 14 Feb 1601/02 Essex, Eng to John HEWES b abt 1577 Royston; d Aug 1621; They had dau Elizabeth HEWES b abt 1604 at Royston; d 2 Feb 1685/86 at Roxbury, MA; m 5 Jul 1634 at Roxbury to Ralph HEMENWAY b 1609 Eng

6. Francis FOOTE - b aft 1590

7. Joshia FOOTE - b abt 1590

8. Nathaniel FOOTE I - b abt 1593; See Below

9. Daniel FOOTE - b bef 1602

NOTES: Robert was a citizen and fishmongerer on St. Thomas Street in St. Marys parish, London. He also lived in Wethersfield, Essex, Eng.


"to the poor in the parish twenty shillings. To the poor in Wethersfield twenty shillings. To my well beloved wife Joan, during her natural life, all such yearly rent as to me is reserved ou of my lease of certain tenements which I hold for divers years yet enduring by the grant of Sir Robert Chester knight and lying and being in the town of Royston, the yearly rent whereof to me reserved is at this present eight pounds. I give her also one annuity of four pounds to be paid during her natural life by my son Robert. To my son James fifty pounds. To son Daniel forty pounds at four and twenty. The same each to sons Nathaniel, Francis and Josua at like ages. to doughter Elizabeth Foote forty pounds at day of marriage or at age of thirty. to son Joseph my lease and term of years in a certain hopground called Plomley which I hold by lease from Mr. Josyas Clark and-----his wife. Other gifts to him. Certain household stuff to wife. Elizabeth Ormes my maid servant. To-----Tibbet, the wife of William Tibbet, five shillings in recompence of her pains she hath taken with me. To Mr. Richard Rogers preacher of God his Word twenty shillings. The wife of George Elsing. Thomas Cott. To my son Robert my free tenement or mansion house wherein I now inhabit, with the land &c. and the stock of hop poles upon the hop ground, he to pay the legacies &c. The residue of my goods &c. to all my children. If it happen my Dughter Mary Hewes to be departed then her part to be paid to her children. For the execution of this will I do ordain, nominate and appoint my well beloved son Robert Foote to be my sole executor and I do desire my well beloved brother John Foote of London grocer and my son in law John Hewes of Royston to be supervisors and assistants to my executors."

IV. Nathaniel FOOTE I - b abt 1593 Colchester, Essex, Eng; d 20 Dec 1644 Wethersfield, Hartford, CT; m abt 1615 at Shalford, Eng to Elizabeth DEMING b Oct 1595 Shalford, Essex, Eng; d 28 Jul 1683 Wethersfield, CT; she was dau of Johnthan and Elizabeth (GILBERT?) DEMING; Other spouse of Elizabeth was Gov. Thomas Welles; Ch were:

1. Elizabeth FOOTE - b 14 Jan 1617/18 Shalford, Eng; d 8 Sep 1700; m abt 1638 Wethersfield, CT to Josiah CHURCHILL died Jan 1686/87 Wethersfield, CT; they had dau Mary CHURCHILL b 14 Mar 1629/30; d 1690; m Samuel CHURCH

2. Nathaniel FOOTE II - b 5 Mar 1619/20; See Below

3. Mary FOOTE - b abt 1623 Shalford; d aft 1685; spouses were Sgt. John STODDARD, John GOODRICH, Lt. Thomas TRACY

4. Lt. Robert FOOTE - b 5 Mar 1626/27 Shalford; d abt 1681 New Haven, CT; m abt 1659 at New Haven to Sarah POTTER; died May 1730 Guilford, CT; Ch were: (a) Nathaniel FOOTE b 13 Apr 1660 New Haven, CT; d bef 1715; m Tabitha BISHOP; (b) Sarah FOOTE b 12 Feb 1661/62 New Haven, CT; (c) Elizabeth FOOTE b 8 Mar 1663/64 New Haven, CT; (d) Joseph FOOTE b 6 Mar 1665/66 New Haven; d 6 Mar 1750/51; m Susanna (?) FRISBIE, widow of John FRISBIE; Abigail JOHNSON; and Sarah ROSE; (e) Samuel FOOTE b 14 May 1668 New Haven; d 1696; m Abigail BARKER; (f) John FOOTE b 24 Jul 1670; m 1696 to Mary (???); (g) Stephen FOOTE b 14 Dec 1672; d 23 Oct 1762; spouses were Elizabeth NASH, Hannah (?) HOWD widow of Lt. John Howd; (h) Dr. Isaac FOOTE b 14 Dec 1672; d 11 Feb 1758; m 1709 to Rebecca DICKERMAN

5. Frances FOOTE - b abt 1629 Watertown, Middlesex, MA; d Nov 1680; m 1648 at Wethersfield to Sgt. John DICKENSON b 1630; d 19 May 1676 at Hadley, MA; Other spouse Frances BARNARD

6. Sarah FOOTE - b abt 1632; d 1673; m 1652 at Stratford, Fairfield Co, CT to Jeremiah JUDSON of Stratford; d 15 May 1701

7. Rebecca FOOTE - b 3 Sep 1634 Watertown, MA; d 6 Apr 1701 Hadley, Hampshire Co, MA; m Mar 1658/59 at Hadley to Lt. Philip SMITH b 30 Apr 1633 Eng; d 10 Jan 1684/85 Hadley, MA - he was son of Samuel and Elizabeth (CHILEAB) SMITH; Other spouse was Maj. Aaron COOKE; Ch were: (a) Samuel SMITH b Jan 1658; d 1707; (b) Baby SMITH b 1661; d 22 Jan 1660/61; (c) Deacon John SMITH I b 18 Dec 1661 Hadley, MA; d 27 Apr 1727; m 29 Nov 1683 to Joanna KELLOGG; (d) Jonathan SMITH b 1663; d 1725; (e) Philip SMITH II b 1665; d 1725; (f) Rebecca SMITH b 1668; d 7 Oct 1730; m 1686 George STILLMAN; (g) Nathaniel SMITH b 1671 Hadley, MA; d 1740; m 6 Feb 1695/96 to Mary DICKINSON; (h) Joseph SMITH b 1674; d 1736; (i) Ichabod SMITH b 11 Apr 1675; d 1746

NOTES: Nathaniel Foote "The Settler" - came to New England with his wife Elizabeth. He was one of the first ten settlers (known as "adventurers) in Wethersfield, Connecticut. Elizabeth was the sister of Mr. John Deming, also one of Wethersfield's first settlers.

In the original layout of the town, 1640, Nathaniel received a home-lot of ten acres, and gradually over the years he became owner of over 400 acres. He represented the town in the General Court - this is evidence that he was held in respect and confidence by his fellow townsmen.

In May 1637, when the little army under Capt. John Mason was being provisioned for the memorable Pequot campaign, it was "ordered y that there shalbe 1 hogg p'vided att Wythersfeild for the design in hand, wch is conceived to be Nathaniell Footes"----a compliment, certainly from the Col. authorities, to Mr. Foote's ability in raising good pork!

From an abstract of the record of the apprenticeship agreement of our Nathaniel Foote from the Court Rolls of the Borough of Colchester is as follows: "Nathaniel Foote aged 16 years, son of Robert Foot of Shalford in Com. Essex yeoman doth put himself apprentice to Samuel Croylye of Colchester, aforesaid grocer and Free Burgess from the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel last past for the term of eight years. Dated 21 Sept. V James I (1608). Sealed and delivered in the presence of me Robert Foot and of me George Lumpkin."

This family, as a whole, had a large share in the tragedies of that early day for Philip Smith, husband of Rebecca Foote, was announced to have been "murdered with an hideous witchcraft"; among the members of the early generations, Nathaniel Foote had, (a), a daughter-in law and two of her children taken captive by the Indians and another child killed; (b), a daughter and three of her children killed, while (c), her husband and two other children were made captives; and (d), two more of her children wounded; and Frances Foote lost two husbands by the Indians as well as one son-in-law killed and another, with four of his children, taken into captivity.

Sir Thomas Foote, who was Lord Mayor of London in 1649, was a first cousin of Nathaniel Foote, the settler. Sir Thomas Foote was buried in the parish church of All Saints of West Ham, now a part of the City of London. He lived to the great age of ninety-six years. There is a very pretentious monument to his memory erected in the church.


The Children:

Nathaniel Foote---about 24 years---to have L 148-00-00 Robert Foote--------about 17 years---to have L 74-00-00 Frances Foote------about 15 years---to have L 74-00-00 Sarah Foote----------about 12 years---to have L 74-00-00 Rebeckah Foote---about 10 years---to have L 74-00-00 The Wyddow of sd. Nathaniel Foote Adms. her portion 212-00-00

Imprs His purse and apparrell 7-16-00 It. In neat Cattell and in Hay, 93-00-00 It. in harsee fleshe, 34-00-00 It. in hoggs, 66-60-00 It. in debts, 29-03-04 It. in Englishe Corne, 70-00-00 It. in goats, 3-15-00 It. in Carts, ploughs, etc. 6-00-00 Ite. Indean Corne, 8-00-00 It. in old Wheat and pease, 6-06-00 It. for certain things in the chamber, 2-00-00 It. for amunition, 5-00-00 Ite. for fouer beds with the furniture, 13-06-08 It. in fyne lynen, 5-10-00 Ite. 2 table boards, 2 chests, 1 Trunke, with other Implts. 5-00-00 It. pewter & brasse and other useful vessells, 12-00-00 It. in husbandry tooles, 3-00-00 It. in beife, butter, and cheese and other necessary prvision for the howse, 8-10-00 It. in poultry, 1-00-00

somm: L 380-17-00

The Land:

Ten acres of home lotts wth one dwelling howse and 2 barnes with other buildings thervppon, ------------- 4 acres of home lotts, ------------- 6 acres of meadow wth an acre of swampe, 20 acres of plaine fenced in being 14 ac. broke vp, 7 acres of plaine meadow plowed vp, 20 acres in the great meadow of hay ground, 4 acres in bever meadow, 27 acres of Swampe Ground, 81 Acres of Vpland in the Weste field 32 Rod broad beyond the River being 3 miles in length.

Inventory taken 20 November 1644, by Richard Tratte (Trott), Samuel Smith and Nath: Dickinson.

Court Record 11 Dec 1644. Mr. Heynes & Mr. Willis are desired to consider of the Estate of Nath: Foote, decd, and to take in what helpe they please fro any of the neighbours to advise how yt may be disposed of, and to report their apprehensions to the next Court.

Note: Two children, Elizabeth and Mary not named in their father's will.

In 1646, two years after Nathaniel's death, Elizabeth married Thomas Welles, Magistrate, afterwards Governor of the Colony. That she was a woman of character and a good wife, is evidenced by the fact that her husband (Foote) dying intestate, she was by the Particular Court to whom the inventory of his estate was presented, "admitted to administer the estate;" and by the will of her second husband (Welles) "she was to enjoy and improve" his whole estate, so long as she remained a widow,- - - - "that she may keep the better hospitality."


Invt. 328 pounds 12 shillings 06 pence, taken 3d September 1683, by Samuel Talcott, James Treat, Samuel Butler. Will dated 28 March, 1678.

My estate I dispose of as followeth; I will that all those debts I ow in right or conscience to any man or men be well & Truly contented & payd out of my Estate in the first place. My fourteen acres of Land in the great meadow & Thirty acres in the West field I give unto my son Robert Foote & to his heirs forever, prohibiting him the sale of the same, he paying for these Lands forty five pounds, to be payd; to the Children of my Daughter Sarah Judson Deceased, Nine pounds; & to my foure daughters, viz, my daughter Churchill, my daughter Goodrich, my Daughter Barnard, & my Daughter Smith, to each of them Nine pounds a piece. I give vnto my son Nathaniel Foote, eldest son, & his Brother, Eleven pounds; & to their children; To Daniel forty shillings, & to Elizabeth fower pounds, which Legacies, both the eleven pownd, forth shillings, & fower pounds, shall be payd out of the money Nathaniel Graves owes Me By Bill. I give & bequeath unto my Grand son Joh Studder halfe my Great Lott which Lyes at the further Bownds of the Towne, & the other halfe of the sayd Lott I give vnto my grand sons Joseph & Benjamin Churchill & their heirs forever. The remainder of my Estate (when a Legacie is pd. to my overseers out of it) shall be divided into five parts; one part I give to my daughter Judson's Children to be to them & their heirs forever; & to my Daughter Churchill & her children one fifth part, & to my Daughter Goodrich & the children one-fifth part, & to my daughter Barnard & her children one-fifth part & to my daughter Smith & her Children one fifth part. It is my will that what I give my fouer daughters shall be wholly at their dispose, to dispose among their children as they see good. I do nominate & appoynt my wel beloved Captain Joh Allin to be Executor; & my beloved Brother Mr John Deming sen. & my Grand sonn Henry Buck to be the desired overseers of this my will; & as a token of my resprect to them I give them thirty shillings a piece out of my Estate; & for the confirmation of the premises I have hereunto set my hand this 28 day of March, 1678.

Memorandum; It is my will that the nine pownds apiece I give my foure daughters' heirs, & the fifth part of my Estate I give them, shall be divided among the children of each of them, the one halfe of it imediately after my decease.

This signed & declared by Mrs. Elizabeth Welles in presence of us; Joseph Rowlandson, John Deming

Memorandum; I give to my grand son Nathll ffoott, the Eldest son of my sonn Nathll, the one halfe of my fourteen acres of meadow, & one halfe of my thirty acres of upland lying in the West field, wth liberty of takeing the first choice, he paying one halfe of the Legacys wch were to be paid my sonn Robt had he lived to possess ye sd. Land. My will is that part of ye eleven pounds wch I formerly willed to sd. Nathaniel, grandson, & his Borhter, wch belonged to his by will, shall be equally distributed between my four daughters above mentioned. And for the confirmation of the prmisis I have hereunto set my hand this 16th day of August, 1682. Memorandum; All rents of Land due to me I will to be divided equally amongst my fower forementioned daughters and their heirs.

Elizabeth (X) Wells

Witnessed by us: Samuel Talcott, John Deming

Dist. of Estate on the reverse side of the paper as follows:

To Small Foote-----------------------------5-10-00 To Elizabeth ffoote------------------------4-00-00 To Lft. Smith------------------------------1-07-06 To Ffrancis Barnard------------------------1-07-06 To Josiah Churchill------------------------1-07-06 To Lft. Tracy------------------------------1-07-06 To Danll ffoote----------------------------2-00-00


V. Nathaniel FOOTE II - b 5 Mar 1619/20 Shalford, Essex, Eng; d 7 Jun 1655 Wethersfield, Hartford, CT; m abt 1646 at Wethersfield to Elizabeth SMITH b 28 Jan 1626/27 Hadleigh, Suffolk, Eng; d 1711 Hadley, MA; Elizabeth was dau of Lt. Samuel and Elizabeth(CHILEAB) SMITH; Other spouse of Elizabeth was William GULL; Ch all born Wethersfield were:

1. Nathaniel FOOTE III - b 10 Jan 1647/48; d 12 Jan 1702/03 Hatfield, Hampshire Co, MA; m 2 Apr 1672 at Hatfield to Margaret BLISS of Springfield, MA; d 3 Apr 1745 at Colchester; she was dau of Nathaniel BLISS; Ch were: (a) Sarah FOOTE b 1673 Hatfield, MA; (b) Margaret FOOTE b 1 Dec 1674 Springfield, MA; (c) Elizabeth FOOTE b 23 Jun 1677 Springfield, MA; (d) Mary FOOTE b 24 Nov 1679 Wethersfield, CT; (e) Nathaniel FOOTE IV b 9 Sep 1682 Wethersfield, CT; (f) Ephraim FOOTE b 13 Feb 1684/85 Wethersfield, CT; (g) Josiah FOOTE b 27 Sep 1688 Wethersfield, CT; (h) Joseph FOOTE b 28 Dec 1690 Wethersfield, CT; (i) Eunice FOOTE b 10 May 1694 Wethersfield, CT

2. Samuel FOOTE - b 1 May 1649; d 7 Sep 1689; m 30 May 1671 at Hadley, MA to Mary MERRICK d 3 Oct 1690, dau of Thomas MERRICK; Ch were: (a) Nathaniel FOOTE b 1672; (b) Mary FOOTE b 9 Jul 1674, died young; (c) Samuel FOOTE b aft 1674; d 28 Feb 1703/04 (killed by Indians); (d) Mary FOOTE b 28 Feb 1679/80; (e) Sarah FOOTE b 26 Feb 1681/82; (f) Eleazur FOOTE b 5 Sep 1684; (g) Thomas FOOTE b 24 Nov 1686; (h) Daniel FOOTE b 6 Feb 1688/89; d 7 Sep 1689

3. Daniel FOOTE - b 1652; d 26 Mar 1704; m at Stratford, Fairfield Co, CT to Sarah ???

4. Elizabeth FOOTE - b abt 1654; See Below

VI. Elizabeth FOOTE - b abt 1654; d 16 Sep 1696 Deerfield, MA (killed by Indians at Deerfield Massacre, see BELDEN); m 10 Nov 1670 at Wethersfield, CT to Daniel BELDEN


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