I. Walter BAILDON - b 1448 in Abildon Hall, York, Eng; d abt 1511; m Anne CARGRAVE - b abt 1450 in Baildon Hall, Yorks, Eng

II. John BAILDON - b 1468 in Doncaster, Yorks, Eng; d 22 Dec 1526 in Doncaster

III. Robert BAILDON - b 1499 Doncaster, Yorks, Eng; d abt 1558; m abt 1518 to Margaret MIRFIELD.

IV. George BAYLDON - b abt 1521; d 1588 Bur Kippax, Yorkshire, England; m Anne Hussey FOLKINGHAM - b abt 1532, was of Leeds; d Dec 1577 Bur 17 Dec 1577 Leeds, Yorkshire, England; she was the dau of Thomas and Jane (PIGOT) FOLKINGHAM (Other spouse for Anne is James STANDISH) - Ch: Francis Bayldon

V. Sir Francis BAYLDON - b 1560; d 1622; m 1590 to Margaret GOODRICK - b 1564 of Ripston; d 1598 Bur 22 Sep 1598 England; she was dau of Richard and Clare (NORTON) GOODRICK; Ch: Richard BELDING

NOTES: Sir Francis Baildon/Bayldon and his first wife, France Johnson, had three other children besides Francis. He had no children by his 3rd and 4th wives. Other spouses were: France Johnson, Isabel Tyrwhit, Anna Coleby.

VI. Richard BELDING - Bpt 26 May 1591 Kippax, Yorkshire, England; d Aug 1655 Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT; m 9 Dec 1622 Margaret ACKRONDEN at Heptonstall, Yorkshire Co, England. Ch were:

1. William BELDEN - (See Below)

2. Samuel Belden - b aft 1624 Yorkshire Parish, England; d 3 Jan 1712/13 Hatfield, MA; m Mary HASTINGS(?); Other Spouses were: Mary Meeker ALLIS, Mary Beardsley WELLS, Sarah WELLS; Ch of Samuel & Mary were: (a) Mary b 10 Jul 1655 Wethersfield, CT; m Daniel WELD; (b) Samuel b 6 Apr 1657 Wethersfield, CT; d abt 1737; m Sarah Fellows BILLINGS; (c) Stephen b 28 Dec 1658 Wethersfield, CT; d 6 Oct 1720; m 16 Aug 1682 to Mary WELLS; (d) Sarah b 30 Sep 1661 Hatfield, MA; (e) Ann b 27 Jan 1664/65 Hatfield, MA; (f) Ebenezer b 16 Nov 1667 Hatfield, MA; (g) John b 13 Nov 1669 Hatfield, MA; d 18 Oct 1725, killed at a barn raising; m Sarah WAITE; NOTES: Samuel Belden came to America with his Father, Richard Belding. In Oct 1654, Samuel received a gift of land from his Father. Samuel served as the Town Cow-keeper in 1648. He served valiantly in King Philip's War. Samuel was one of the jurors 7 Jun 1655 and he was made a freeman 21 May 1657 at the General Court of Election. Samuel married about 1654 Mary, possibly Hastings, who was killed by Indians 19 Sep 1677. He married 25 Jun 1678, 2nd time to Mary, widow of Thomas Wells, daughter of William Beardsley; she died 20 Sep 1691, after which he married 3rd Mary, widow of John Allis, daughter of Thomas Meeker. He married 4th of 10 Apr 1705 to Sarah, widow of John Wells.

3. John BELDEN - b 4 Feb 1630/31 Kippax, Yorkshire, England; d 27 Jun 1677 Wethersfield, CT; m 24 Apr 1656 at Wethersfield, CT to Lydia STANDISH, dau of Thomas and Sussanne (SMITH) STANDISH; Ch were: (a) John b 12 Jul 1658; d 10 Jan 1713/14; m 15 Jun 1682 to Dorothy WILLARD; (b) Jonathan b 21 Jun 1659/60; d 6 Jul 1734; m 10 Dec 1685 to Mary WRIGHT; (c) Joseph b 23 Apr 1663; d 7 Dec 1724; m 27 Oct 1693 to Mercy WILLARD; (d) Samuel b 3 Jan 1664/65 Wethersfield; d 27 Dec 1738 Wethersfield; m 14 Jan 1684/85 at Wethersfield to Hannah HANDY; (e) Sarah b 31 Mar 1668; (f) Daniel b 12 Oct 1670, he later moved to Norwalk; (g) Ebenezer b 8 Jan 1672/73; d 2 Nov 1739; m Abigail GRAVES, they lived in Norwalk; (h) Lydia b Mar 1674/75; m 8 May 1694 to Stephen KELLOGG; (i) Margaret b 29 Mar 1677; NOTES: John Belden, the younger son of Richard Belden/Belding, was among those who were made freeman on 21 May 1657 at a General Court of Election. At the session of the General Court on 11 Mar 1657, John was listed as a trooper under Major John Mason (Indian Fighter) in King Philips' War. Apparently John Mason was Commander-in-Chief of the military forces of the Connecticut Colony; in 1658 he organized a "troop of horse" of 37 members, and among them were John Belden and Corp. Nicholas Olmstead. John Belden was active in town affairs, large landowner, and merchant, as there are many references to him in both volumes of Henry R. Stiles' "The History of Ancient Wethersfield". According to "Connecticut Collections", Record of Particular Court, pages 226 and 229, under date of 7 Mar 1660/61 John was sworn in as Constable. On page 264 when Court was held 5 Mar 1662/63, John was among the twelve jurors selected. In Feg 1673/74 John was chosen ordinary (or tavern) keeper for the entertainment of strangers and travelers, as the law required. When John Belding died 27 Jun 1677, at the age of 46, he left an estate of 911-05-07 pounds, according to the Hartford Probate Records (1663-1677), Book III, County Court, page 191; the inventory having been taken 30 Aug 1677 by James Treat, John Deming and Samuel Wright. On page 12 of volume IV, under date of 6 Mar 1678/79, distribution was made to his widow and children. The distribution file number is 1680. Final distribution made to Lydia and Margaret by Jonathan Belding, Administrator, was dated 4 Oct 1697. It was this John's several and distinct autographs in Wethersfield land records that prompted one of his descendants, the Reverend Joshua Belden, to restore the spelling of the name to Belden. John Belden married in Wethersfield 24 Apr 1656, Lydiah (Lydia) Standish, probably the daughter of Thomas and Sussane (Smith) Standish. It seemed that the Wethersfield Standishes had never known the identity of Susannah, wife of Thomas Standish, Sr. Lydia Belden was living at the time of the distribution of John's estate, 6 Mar 1678/78, but no date of death was found.

NOTES FOR RICHARD BELDING: It is generally accepted that Richard was the son of Sir Francis and Margaret (Goodrick) Baildon or Bayldon. If so he was born in Kippax, Yorkshire, England, and baptized 26 May 1591. However, there is on record a statement with his signature affixed thereto, dated 26 Mar 1613, that he was nineteen. This would mean the year of his birth was 1594. There is no birth record noted in Edith Horsfall's "The Parish Registers of Heptonstall", but there is a marriage given for a Richard Beldon and Margaret Ackrenden, 9 Dec 1622. Apparently Richard's wife died before he emigrated with his sons.

Richard Belden, the first of this name found in land records, came from England sometime between 1636 and 1640 although passenger and ship lists for this period are missing. By the '2 month 7th daie 1641' Richard's name appears in the land records of the Town of Wethersfield, Connecticut: 'one piece whereon a house is builded containing three acres, one rood, more or less, the ends abut against Broad Street N.' This home lot lies near the Ancient Burying Place in what is known as "Old Wethersfield".

Henry R. Stiles describes the emigrant and land as "Richard, the Settler, recorded lands April 1641, of a homestead on Broad Street, N.; Mathew Mitchell S.; way into Meadow W.; holot of Leslie Broadfield E." as do other writers in their histories of Connecticut.

There are eight pieces described in Land Records, Book 1, page 19; reference also is made in the Town Records under date of "the 2d month & 7 daie, 1641, to those lands given him by the towne and those he bot of Jonas Woods."

The home lot was deeded from generation to generation until in 1742 when Silas, Jr. and his mother, the widow of Silas Belden, sold the homestead to Josiah Smith. It is recorded in Land Record book 7, page 114, 21 May 1742. James Smith, a descendant of Josiah's, in 1885, was living in the house built on the same site as the original homestead; at that time he still had the original deed. Richard Belden was employed to keep 12 score cows and oxen at 24 pounds, and two shilling for each animal in excess of that number, from the middle of April until November 11. He was paid in wheat, barley, peas and Indian corn on the 16 Mar 1646/47.

Richard Belden died in Wethersfield, Connecticut, in August 1655. In the Particular Court Record, for the years 1660-1663 on pages 58 and 82, there appear two entries for Richard Belden, Wethersfield. Inventory 111-19-00 pounds. Taken 22 August 1655 by John Talcott and John Nott, "and on 2 October 1655 the Court ordered that the inventory be recorded, but the bills being unknown, the Devision of Estate is at present defered." The First volume of Wethersfield records contained an inventory of the estate of Richard Belden. It included ten pieces of Pewter, one musket, one Karbine and one rapier among other household items. Richard Belden's name appears during the years in the Court Records for various reasons; in several instances he "was ordered to stand bownd for others that they keepe good behaviour".

One researcher, referring to the inventory of Richard's estate, said "We judge Richard to be a gentleman in the English sense and had been a soldier as the inventory shows he brought to New England a carbine, a musket, and a rapier; the rapier is virtual proof that he was a gentleman, and the other arms that he had served in wars".

VII.William BELDEN - b abt 1622 England; d 27 Mar 1655 Hartford, CT; M abt 1644 Tomisin SHERWOOD; Ch were:

1. Samuel BELDEN - b 20 Jul 1647 Wethersfield, CT

2. Daniel BELDEN - b 20 Nov 1648 (See Below)

3. John BELDEN - b 9 Jan 1649/50 Wethersfield, CT

4. Susanna BELDEN - b 5 Nov 1651 Wethersfield, CT

5. Mary (Marie) BELDEN - b 2 Feb 1652/53 Wethersfield, CT

6. Nathaniel (Nehemiah) BELDEN - b 13 Nov 1654 Wethersfield, CT

NOTES: William Belden's will, dated 27 Mar 1655, may be found in Hartford County Probate Records, in the Particular Court for the years 1650-1663, volume II, on pages 69 and 70. The inventory was taken the 1rst of June in the same year (File No. 440) by John Deming, Samuel Smith and Nathaniel Dickenson, amounting to 142-06-08 pounds. The will named his wife, Commisin, and six children; and the spelling of his name was written Beldin.

No land records have been discovered for him in Wethersfield, but he is mentioned as being paid one pound 12 shilling under date of 1 Jan 1648; and on the 2 May 1648, he was paid about two pounds 10 shillings "for 900 ft of boards and for the hingeing for the Meetinghouse seats".

The Reverend C. M. Selleck, A.M., in his history of early "Norwalk, Connecticut", stated that through his son John, he was the progenitor of all Norwalk Beldens.

VIII.Daniel BELDEN - b 20 Nov 1648 Wethersfield, Hartford Co, CT - d 14 Aug 1732 Deerfield, MA; m 10 Nov 1670 at Wethersfield to Elizabeth FOOTE, dau of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (SMITH) FOOTE. Other spouses of Daniel were Sarah Hawks MATTOON and Hepzibah BUEL. Ch of Daniel & Elizabeth were:

1. William BELDEN - b 1671; d 1759; m 2 May 1700 to Margaret ARMS; He was a Sgt in King Phillip's war and taken prisoner in 1696; They resided at Deerfield, MA

2. Richard BELDEN - b 1672

3. Elizabeth BELDEN - b 8 Oct 1673; m Eben BROOKS

4. Nathaniel BELDEN - b 26 Jun 1675; captured by Indians 6 Sep 1696

5. Mary BELDEN - b 17 Nov 1677 Hatfield; (See Below) MA; m 19 Apr 1698 at Wilton, CT to Deacon James Trowbridge

6. Daniel BELDEN II - b 1 Sep 1680; d 16 Sep 1696 Deerfield, MA, slain by Indians

7. Sarah BELDEN - b 15 Mar 1681/82; m 9 Oct 1702 to Benjamin BURT; Sarah escaped Indian massacre by hiding in tobacco field

8. Esther (Hester) BELDEN - b 19 Sep 1683; m Ephraim CLARK; Hester was captured by the Indians 1696

9. Abigail BELDEN - b 1686; d bef 1732

10. Samuel BELDEN - b 10 Apr 1687 Hatfield, MA

11. John BELDEN - b 24 Jun 1689 Deerfield, MA; d 15 Jun 1689 Deerfield, MA

12. Abigail BELDEN - b 18 Aug 1690

13. John BELDEN - b 28 Feb 1692/93; d 16 Sep 1696 Deerfield, MA; slain by Indians

14. Thankful BELDEN - b 21 Dec 1695; d 16 Sep 1696 Deerfield, MA; slain by Indians

NOTES: Daniel Belden, son of William and Tomisin (Sherwood) Belden, was born 20 Nov 1646, and died in Deerfield, MA 14 Aug 1732 in his 86th year. Daniel settled as early as 1671 in Hatfield, MA, removing to Deerfield about 1689. He was a selectman and leader in town affairs.

On 10 Nov 1670, Daniel married Elizabeth Foote, daughter of Nathaniel Foote. Elizabeth was born in 1654 in Wethersfield, CT. They had fourteen children. In the massacre of 16 Sep 1696, Elizabeth and three of their children were slain by Indians, two of the children were wounded and several were driven to Canada. Daniel was sold to the Jesuits, and redeemed in 1698.

Daniel married 2nd, 17 Feb 1699, Hepzibah, daughter of William Buell, widow of Thomas Wells. She was born 11 Dec 1649, in Windsor, CT. On Tuesday, 29 Feb 1703/04, shortly before the break of day, Indians stole into the village, fired the buildings, captured most of the inhabitants, marching them to Quebec, Canada. A number of people were slain at the "taking of the town". Hepzibah was slain shortly after leaving the town, in the meadows, probably 1 Mar 1703/04. The daughter, Sarah, wife of Benjamin Burt, was with child but made the trip to Canada where the child was born.

NEW ENGLAND CAPTIVES CARRIED TO CANADA, Vol II, by Emma Lewis Coleman says about Hepzibah-------------Hepzibah, dau. of William Buel of Windsor, she married 1rst, Lieutenant Thomas Wells and was his widow, when in 1693 the Indians attacked her house. Two daughters were killed and, says Stephen Williams, a third daughter and she, herself, were also "knocked on the head and scalped." The next year she asked aid from the congregations of Connecticut. In 1699 she married Daniel Belding, was captured in 1704 and killed on the journey to Canada.

Daniel rebuilt his home, and later fought off, with other fellow townsmen, in 1709, another attack by the French and Indians.

Daniel married 3rd, Sarah, widow of Philip Mattoon, daughter of John and Elizabeth Hawkes. She was born 29 Sep 1657 - died 17 Sep/Dec 1751 in her 95th year (both months have been given by descendants).

1696 Sep 16---"John Smead & John Gillett being in the woods...were besett by a Company of French Mohawks. J.G. was taken prisoner and J.S. escaped." Leaving some to guard the prisoner the rest of the Indians hurried to the village where they attacked the house of DANIEL BELDING. With three Belding captives they went up Green River, joining those left with Gillett; thence they "set away for Canada".

GILLETT, JOHN, B 1671----Son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Hawks). The Indians gave or sold him to the French and he "worked as a servant to the Nuns at their Farm." In the meantime, only one month after his capture, administration was granted on his estate, "he being killed or captured by the Indians, therefore as to his personal residence in Deerfield, is dead." But it was only legally that he was dead. He had further adventures as told in his petition of June, 1698: "Whereas John Gillit who hath been a verry active and Willing Soulder within the County of Hampshire & Being on the 16th day of September 1696 out upon Service & togeather with some others was that day taken by the enemy & suffering hardship was carried to Cannada captive & there Ramaynd till Sep Last & then was sent from thence Prisonr into olf ffrance, & thence (by the late Articles of Peace) he...was carried into England: Since his Arrivall there hath Lived & obtained pay for his Passage by the Charitie of Some English Marcts there; & now being Arrived here destitute of Money or Cloaths...Humbly propose it to ye Honorable General Court to allow him Something." He was given six pounds.

THE FAMILY OF DANIEL BELDING----His wife and three children were killed; two were wounded and two more--Nathaniel and Hester--were carried away with their father. Stephen Williams' Narrative says: "When Mr. B. & company came to the fort called Oso the males were obliged to run the Gauntlet near it. Mr. B. being a very, received but few blows, save at first setting out, but the other men were much abused by clubs firebrands &c." DANIEL and his daughter were at first kept by the Indians. Later he was sold "...& lived as a servant with the jesuits at the Seminary; his business was to wait upon them & cutt wood, make fires & tend the garden &c. He accounted himself favorably dealt with." NATHANIEL "worked for the Holy Sisters." After Ryswick, "the Dutch Gentlemen" gathered up what captives...they could and returned june 8 & took Mr. B. and his xdren and Martin Smith...& arrived in Albany in about 15 days." There Belding and his children were clothed at the expense of his brother who lived in Norwalk. They returned to Deerfield by way of New York and Connecticut, arriving after John Gillett. The next year Daniel married the widow of Thomas Wells. She was killed in 1704, and then he took a third wife, who outlived him, he dying in 1731. Nathaniel died in 1714. Hester married Ephraim Clark of Stratford, Connecticut, about 1735.


"Elizabeth, wife to Daniel Beldenye head of the family, together with Daniel Belden, John Belden and Thankful Belden, their children, were all of them slaine by the enemie September 16, 1696."

"Sept. 16, 1696. The Indians came along from up Green River to the town, and assaulted Mr. Daniel Belden's house; took Mr. Belden, his son Nathaniel and daughter Esther captive, killed his wife and three children, and wounded Samuel and Abigail, but they recovered, altho' Samuel had a hatchet stuck in his head, and some of his brains came out at his wound. Samuel was born Apr. 10, 1687.


"The Indians making an Assault upon Deerfield, in this Present War, they struck a Hatchet some Inches into the Skull of a Boy there, even so deep that the Boy felt the force of a Wrench used by 'em to get it out. There he lay a long while Weltering in his Blood; they found him, they Dress'd him' considerable Quantities of his Brain came out from time to time when they opened the Wound; yet the Lad recovered, and is now a Living Monument of the Power and Goodness of God."

IX. Mary BELDEN - b 17 Nov 1677 Hatfield, MA; m 19 Apr 1698 at Wilton, CT to Deacon James Trowbridge


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