SAUER, BARNHARD - Born 1751 in Radern, Waldek, Came to the U.S. with the 3rd Waldek Reg't. in 1776 as a Corporal, Deserted 5 April 1777.

He next shows in Lebanon, Pa. when he took the oath of allegiance 30 May 1778. On 25 Apr 1780 he married Barbara Gieseman, at Tulpehocken Church, Stouchburg, Berks Co., Pa. in 1786, Barnhart shows on the Franklin Co., Pa. tax list. He owned a farm just outside the present village of Mowersville.

Barnhard and Barbara had 11 children. Barnhard died 12 Oct. 1804, and was buried on his farm. His tombstone is all that is left of that farm cemetery, it having been plowed under in the early 1900's. Barbara died in 1807 and was also buried on the farm. Where was he between 5 April 1777 and 30 May 1778? Does anyone know anything else about him?

Wayne Mower

SCHLUETER, ANDREAS - Origin: Schwarzfeld, joined Capt. Dommer's Co 4/22/1781, arrival (Ft Brooklyn) 20 years old. May have accepted land in Canada and could be buried in Ontario.

Any names of similar spelling or lineages...I'm interested. Other names with Hessian ties: MULDER, HEDEMANN, KLEMME, PRUIN, WESSELS, THIELING.

Dan Schlueter

SCHMIDT / SMITH, JOHAN - Am hoping to be able to document what little I know about my ancester, Johan Peter Smith who lived in Pennsylvania...have heard northhampton , bath, bethlehem area...He had a son or grandson, Henry Smith born 3 Jan, 1832 also in northampton county, Pa.

From what family stories that have been handed down, the name was Originally Schmit (Schmidt,) or variations. it was changed to the Americanized version, Smith. Understand that this ancestor came from Germany and fought as a Hessian soldier and his descendants lived in the Pennsylvania area and some later migrated to Illinois.

Earlene Martin

SCHNEIDER, HARMON - My 6th great grandfather was Harmon or Herman SCHNEIDER, later becoming Snider. He was born between 1750 and 1755, was a Hessian Soldier hired out to fight in the American Revolution.

He remained in America and married Elizabeth BOWMAN (born 1758) probably in PA. They traveled to Kentucky and had seven children between 1781 and 1802: Sarah who married Obadiah Silkwood, Jacob, John Allen, Mary, Christina, Elizabeth and William.

Richard Brown

SCHQEIGERT, JOHANNES - My gggg-grand father was Johannes Schqeigert, who came to the colonies in about 1775 as a Hessian soldier in service of the King of England. After joining the continental army his name was Americanized to John David Sibert (although we have seen it spelled Sebert and Sybert in publications). The family has been told that he was originally from Alsace-Lorraine. We have no other information to continue our search into his homeland and back.

We do have family history dating from his marriage in 1790 (to Mahulda Wilmore of Virginia) forward to the present. The only other bit if information that I have is his friend Heinrich Koch and he apparently traveled together from their homeland. They both married ladies from Virginia about the same time, and the families remained very close. If one family moved, the other soon followed.

Any information that you might be able to share would be greatly appreciated.

Susan K. Peterson

SCHRADER, JOHN - John Schrader was a Hessian Soldier. He was captured at The Battle of Trenton. I have a write up that my cousin sent to me. It says this:

In 1776 the Continental Congress authorized Count Pulski of Poland to create an independent force of Dragoons. In his recruitment he was also authorized to enlist German POW's if they had no family ties to the British. This is most likely the way in which John Schrader came to fight with the Dragoons for 2 1/2 years.

In 1777 John was involved in the Battle of Brandywine and came near being captured. Three times the British line was attacked by the Count's horsemen before it gave way. John and some 30 others broke through, however the line was closed, cutting off these men from the rest of their troops. If John were to be captured he would surely be hung for deserting the British. The Count, determined to save his men, charged and recharged the line. They were able to rescue John and about 15 others, but not before a Redcoat had thrust his bayonet into John's hip. John once being asked what he did then reiterated: "O, mine gut sir, you eats no more breat in England. Mine saber sphlitt him to the shoulters. I mate two men of him, but dey vere both deat men."

The Americans lost the Battle of Brandywine and spent that winter at Valley Forge. After the war he settled in Hagerstown, MD where he married Catherine Harmon and where his first son John Jr. was born. He went to Towanda, PA in 1791, settling in Powell, PA in 1801. Being as he settled near the main stream at Powell this branch of the Towanda Creek is named the "SCHRADER Creek" after him. He died after 1826 at an advanced age.

I do not know what regiment he was in as of yet. We are working to find out. We have 3 of them we are looking at. If we can get the right one then maybe it will tell us what town he was born in and possible his parent's names.

Lori Wido

SERVIS - My gggggg-grandfather, Philipp Servis, Was born in Hesse-Cassel, a former Kingdom in what is now Germany, at approxamately 1745 and came to the American Colonies at the time of the Revolutionary war. I belive that he was a Hessian Soldier. He was married to a Mary Stout after the war, and they remained in America. He died about 1810. They lived in or around Hopewell, New Jersey. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your time and effort.

Zach Wyckoff

SICKER - Do you have any information on or could help me with Lewis Sicker. The information which I have is below.

Book found in the Ole Court House in Watseka, Illinois, by J.V. Giffin and the information found in the book was sent to Patsy K. Martin. "Lewis Sicker was born in Germany abt. 1738. He crossed the ocean as a German soldier in the English service at the age of 17 and served in the Canada War. By permission of his General, Lewis remained in northern New York and worked as a farm hand in Schenectady County, N.Y. While working on this farm, his employer sent him with two slaves to a Mr. Fratt in Albany County, New York. Mr. Fratt invited him to remain on his farm. Lewis stayed, loved and married Mr. Fratt's daughter, Margaret Fratt. Lewis and Margaret's son, John, married Charlotte Kicker. John Sicker and Charlotte Kicker daughter, Charlotte married Abraham Cornelius."

Patsy K. Martin, Hill Spring, Alberta, Canada

SPAHT, GEORGE - George Nicholas Spaht was abducted from the streets of Cassel, Germany in April 1776, sent to England then America to fight in the civil war. He never returned to Germany or had contact with his family. George may have served with Hessian Soldiers under Col. Rahl and captured Christmas Eve 1776. He was in the American prison camp at Winchester, VA early 1777 and released Spring of 1782.

His family was Michael and Cunegunda Spaht. Sister named Charity and brother named Mathias. The name Spaht was changed to Spaid in the U.S. George stayed in America andmarried Elizabeth Cale (Kale) in 1782, she was the daughter of a German pioneer.

I am interested in knowing if an ancestor in Germany might be searching or wondering about him and may have made contact with your service.

Betty Wallar

SPECHT - My ancestor Anthon Christoph Specht (b. 1749, Brunswick) served in the Specht Regiment, he is distantly connected to the Col. of that regiment-. He was taken prisoner at Saratoga and was on parole in Rutland, Mass. Married in Rutland. He became a British citizen and was given a grant of land on Nova Scotia, at St Mary's Bay. For his descendants the name has a variety of spelling SPATES< SPAIGHT< SPEIGHT. We have a good record of his ancestors but many gaps re his marriage and descendants. Any help with information about him or the family appreciated.

Gale Stevenson

STEMPEL - I am researching my genealogy and came across a story about a relative named Benjamin Stempel. The story states that he was a Hessian soldier captured at Trenton. He escaped or deserted and hid at a Livery Stable owned by a man named Barnes. Mr Barnes hired him as a farrier and told him to change his name. He later married Mr Barnes Daughter. I do not know if Benjamin is the Name he changed to or not .My family lived in Hosham , Doylestown and Jenkinsville, which was the site of Thomas' Stempel's farm in 1810. Have you ever observed a Stemple / Stembel / Stempel in your research?


STOUP, VENDEL - I am looking for information regarding my ggg grandfather Vendel Stoup. According to a book on foreigners pledging oath to Pennsylvania he deserted the British and Hessian line at Kingsbridge in January 1781. Prior to finding that piece of info all I knew was that he began appearing on the Armstrong Co PA census in 1810. Id love to know if anyone has any info on him especially the unit he fought with and his origins. Alternate spellings of the name are many including Vendal, Vandal, Vindle, Wendle, Windel...and so on. Thank you in advance for any light you can shed.

Bryan D. Price