RAINER, JOHANN - I am searching for an ancestor, John George Rainer (Johann Georg) who was born in Germany about 1755. He is believed to have arrived in America about the time of the American Revolution. Because of his age and probable time of arrival in this country, I believe he may have been a Hessian soldier. He remained in the US and settled in Wayne County, Tennessee where he married Pheobe Gilbert about 1790. They had seven children. He later moved to Alabama where he died about 1840.

I have exhausted all available information sources. I would appreciate any information, suggestions or help from any source. Thanks.

John K. Rainer

RASNICK, JACOB - I am a direct descendant of Jacob Rasnick-Hessian Soldier. After much research and waiting we have found out through Mr. John Merz that his true name was Johann Jacob Ruehrschneck from Watzendorf, Germany. He was a musketier from the Ansbach Regiment, 1 Company under the direction of Generals How and Clinton and was captured at the Battle of Yorktown in October 1781. After his capture, he made his way to SW Virginia and settled there. My family and I are currently trying to find a date of birth and parents/siblings names from Church records in Watzendorf. If possible, I would like his name to be added to your list for others who might be researching this soldier. Also, any research suggestions would be appreciated, such as the names of local researchers near Nuernberg who could search church records for us.

Thank you,
Marie Rasnick Fetzer

REIS, John Christian - My ancestor's name was John Christian Reis and I think he was in Von Knyphausen's Regiment. My family history states he was captured at Trenton and later fought for the Americans in both the Army and Navy.

The DAR erected a marker to him for his service in the American Rev. and the WAR 1812. Do you have any info. or know any sources. I would like to know more about his military service both before and after Trenton.

Tim Lord, 5th Great Grandson of John Christian Reis (now spelled Reese)

RICKETT, GASPER - I am looking for information on Gasper Rickett. Some in our family have been told through the years that he was a Hessian soldier who deserted. No one seems to know what became of him after that. He was born in Germany abt 1730 and was married to Charity Friend. Any help you can give me would be appreciated.

Thank you,

RODNER - My Hessian soldier ancestor was named MARTIN RODNER who was captured in North Carolina during the American Revolution. After the war ended he remained in the United States, living first in Tennessee, then Kentucky, Missouri and Arkansas. His last name became Rodney after the war and most of his descendents made their home in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Gloria Koehler