MAHR, PHILIPP - (Philip Moore) - Philipp Mahr was a Hessian soldier from Dudenhofen, who was one of only 28 young boys taken to fight in the war. He was mustered to the Hesse-Hanau Regt. Erbprinz in May of 1774 and shipped to Canada in March of 1776. His Regiment took part in the campaign of General Burgoyne to Saratoga, New York and he was captured in Oct of 1777. They were marched to Cambridge and at the end of 1778 was marched from Boston to Charlottesville, Virginia. In early 1781 with the British army getting closer to Charlottesville he was moved to near Winchester. While there he deserted along with a buddy, Peter Stein also from Dudenhofen.

Not much is know of him until he showed up in the census of 1820 for the county of Buckingham, Virginia where he was listed as head of a household having a wife, two sons and a daughter and his occupation listed in agriculture.

Carolyn Mack

MARTIN, CHRISTIAN - My ancestor Christian Martin was a Jaeger Hessian from Sand, Hesse-Kassel, Germany. He was a professional hunter and soldier, and was sent to America in late 1776 or early 1777. He was wounded September 1777, but fought till the end of the war, when he deserted to stay in America.

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Ty Starkey

MEYER / MYERS, MARTIN - For more info please click here
MILIUS, AUGUST - Searching for information on AUGUST MILIUS, said to have been a Hessian soldier who defected to the American Revolutionary army. He was a prisoner of war and became a US citizen in 1781.

Any information to Stephen Lubell, Ramat Gan, Israel.

MUELLER, CHRISTAIN - Christain Mueller or Miller, originally of Hessen Cassel, captured at Trenton in 1776. He was held P.O.W. in Carlisle, PA for some time before escaping and settling on Cler Ridge, near Clearville, PA. He married, though his wifes name is unknown. They had six children.

Lori Ritchey

MUELLER, PETER - My forbear's name was Peter Mueller who stayed in Pennsylvania Dutch Country, probably near Lancaster. The family name was changed to Miller, and I don't know when.

Years ago someone who had apparently done some research told my mother the family women were eligible to join the DAR. How this could be when Mueller was a Hessian soldier I don't know.

I'd like to know more about Peter Mueller, including his wife's name.

Thanks for any help.
Lois Morgan