LAPE - My search is for three brothers named Lape. All were Hessian soldiers, referred to as "Holland Hessians". One was killed, one returned to Germany, one remained in the U.S., John Lape, probably Johannes. I am searching for him.

He settled in Pennsylvania, eventually moving to Ohio. There is a conflict in the brief record that I have. One source lists him as John, the other as Nicholas. Was he Nicholas John or perhaps John Nicholas? And what is a Holland Hessian?

One of his descendants was named Nicholas who married a Fosnauh. Thanks for any help.


LILLER, JOHANN HENRICH - In 1776 Johann Henrich LILLER from Hesse Hanau, Germany, came to this country to fight the American Rebels on behalf of King George III. He either enlisted or was conscripted by Prince Frederick; His military record indicates he was taken prisoner at the second battle of Saratoga in 1777, and how he was marched to Charlottesville, VA. There the Germans, along with the British, were "housed" until spring of 1781 when they were marched to Winchester. The plan was to move them on north in preparation of being sent home.

On the 6th of June, 1781 Johann Henrich Liller escaped from the camp in Winchester and headed west over the mountains toward Hampshire County. He stayed in the Hampshire Co. area and shows up on the tax rolls for the first time in 1787, and later bought his first piece of land, 200 acres on Patterson Creek in 1790. He married a woman named "Catherine" and had many children.

There are many Lillers in that are a of West Virginia today who are descended from the "old Hessian soldier, Johann Henrich Liller." My husband is one of his descendants.


LUTSEY - I am trying to learn of an ancestor who our family has always believed was a Hessian soldier, but of which we have no proof.

My family name is Lutsey, and the first known was a John Lutsey, recorded in the first (1790) census, living in Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania. Word passed down through the generations is that the name was originally spelled Leutze. I have searched all sources known to me and can find no one of that name in the records of any Hessian regiment. The name Lutsey appears not to be a German surname, so the supposition is logical.

Ira Lutsey, Tulsa, OK