KIRCHHOF - My ancester, Johann Friedrich Kirchhof, according to the legend carried down in the family, was captured in the Battle of Trenton, and escaped at Carlisle, PA. He made his way into the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia where he married (1) on 30 Dec. 1782 to Catharine Wacker (Bowman) and (2) on 24 Feb. 1795 to Barbara Koontz. He is the ancestor of the Kiracofe, Caricofe, and Karicofe familes of Virginia. I am interested in finding documentation confirming this legend.

Richard Shindle

KLINGELBIEL, JOSEPH - Josef Klingelbiel - was in the Hessen Army Courier Corp 5 as a rifleman. He was from Eichsfeld an area north of Helibad Heiligenstadt and southeast of Goettingen, straddling the borders of Thuringia, Lower Saxony and Hessen.

He came to America approx. 1775 and fought in the battle of Trenton and surrendered on December 26, 1776. He was listed as deserted August 24, 1778. He supposedly married a Sophia Elizabeth or Elizabeth Sophia in Chester County Pennsylvania about 1780. I have heard her surname was Franc(i)(e)s. They moved to Virginia around 1790s and lived out the rest of their life there. They had 10 children of whom most of them traveled away from Virginia westward.

Roxanne Cole

KRAIN, KONRAD - For more info please click here

KRAPP, VALENTIN - Valentin Krapp is listed as an Hessian soldier who remained in America after the revolution (Hessische Truppen Im Amerikanischen... Marburg 1976; Page 50). I have not been able to obtain a copy of this work.

In Frances Bergen Cropsey's notes a British Officer married Sarah Cropsey b. 2/24/1767 d. 4/12/1829. She also later says that she married her cousin Valentine Cropsey. Frances Bergen Cropsey was a noted genealogist who died in the 1950's. It is possible that Valentin Krapp is Valentine Cropsey. (Cropsey was once Crapser or Cropson, their patronimic was Casparse).

Any data which you may have would be helpful in bringing this solution to light.

James Cropsey

KRATZ - I'm trying to verify the existence of a Hessian officer by the name of KRATZ who was given a land grant in Ontario, Canada after the Revolutionary War. Any information would be appreciated.

Dave Frayne