HASENPFLUG, JOHANN - I have a homepage for a Hessian Soldier (Johann Heinrich Hasenpflug). He changed his name to John Henry Hassenplug. He was in a private in Lieutenant-General Willhelm fon Knyphausen Regiment one of the regiiments of Rall's Brigade. He was captured at Trenton on Christmas Eve 1776 and spent time at Reading Pa. and was married at Lebanon Pa. I have record of 14 children and many decendants on the homepage.

Bill Hassenplug

HAUPT, ARNOLD - Arnold Haupt was born in Roemersburg, Hesse-Kassel in 1746 according to Hetrena's List of Hessian Soldiers. He was one of the more than 2000 Hessians surrendered by Burgoyne on the 17th of October 1777 after the battle of Saratoga. Some of these captives slipped away from the group on a march to central Virginia and decided to reside in the German speaking villages near Philadelphia.

Pat Haupt

HAWN, HENRY - I have been searching for my ancestor Henry HAWN, a Hessian soldier. I have received information that he might have been originally named Heinrich HORN. This is the original information I had on him: "HAWN, HENRY, OR HENRY HORN, CHRISTINA, R5226, PA LINE, SEE HENRY HORN. On page 1707 same abstract, Henry or Henry Hahn or Hawn or Hon. Christina, R5226, PA line, soldier married Christina (--) 4, March 1779, soldier died 8 March 1840, Widow applied 30 December 1840 York County aged 85. A resident of NEW MARKET, PA. Widow stated soldier was a Hessian Soldier & was taken prisoner at the battle of Germantown & later came to Berks County, PA . The claim further states he had been a fife major and that he had joined the American army in Berks Co., PA and served until the end of the war. The only child listed was Mrs. SUSAN MILLER with whom widow lives in York County, Pa."

Fannie Hawn, widow of Harry William HAWN, Jr., grandson of William H. HAWN, gave information of Hawn's that were buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, New Market, PA. She said "HENRY HAWN, b. JUNE 15, 1755, d. MARCH 1840, Age 85 years. CHRISTINA HAWN, d. JULY 9, 1846, 84 years. These HAWN's were buried in lot 6-J. Cemetery records had Harriet (KREITZER) HAWN as being buried in that lot as well as in lot 23-I-5 beside sons William H., in 23-I-4 and Alfred in 23-I-2. Both sons preceded her in death. Harriet KREITZER married first, Samuel O. HAWN, and then his brother, Jacob HAWN. Samuel was born in 1803 and died in 1841 in Ohio. Jacob was born in 1804 and probably died in New Market, PA. The assumption is made that Henry HAWN was the father of Samuel O. HAWN and Jacob HAWN, since their widow, Harriet KREITZER, is buried in the same plot with him.

Recently I have been given the following information: Henrich HORN (also possibly know as Henry HAWN), a private in the 5th company of the Fusilier Regiment von Knyphausen. Horn was captured at Trenton on 26 December 1776 and is listed as a Prisoner of War on the Hessian monthly returns of 12/76. 2/77, 9/82 and 5/83. Henrich is listed on "The Trenton Prisoner List", published in the Journal of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association, 3, no. 1 (1985),13. He was sent to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He deserted and fought with the Americans. He would appear to be from Hessen Kassel. I am looking for any concentrations of the name HORN and information on Hessian soldiers from the region or Germany. I am interested in finding out more information from anyone who lives in York Co., PA.

Anne H. Smith

HENNING, JOHANN - My husband has an ancestor named Johann Adam HENNING, who was born about 1759, supposedly in Hesse. Family legend has it that he was an aide to Cornwallis and was not treated too well. One day, he dropped Cornwallis' silver cup and was beaten for it. He was said to have deserted at Guilford Courthouse but I have found no information substantiating this.

His wife's name was Elizabeth but I do not know where he married her; he may have brought her with him. Adam died 1/5/1824 in Stokes Co., NC and is buried in the Hessian Cemetery. His wife died 11/20/1858 and is buried in the same cemetery, which has been saved from destruction by a group of people in Forsyth Co., where the cemetery is located now. On her stone is "Granny Elizabeth Henning".

Any help would be appreciated.

Phroncia Hill

HOLZAPFEL, JOHANN - My ancestor, Johann Jakcob Holzapfel (Jacob Holsapple) b. 1749, Eschwege,Hesse-Kassel,Prussia was conscripted into the Erbprinz Regiment in 1775 and left Portsmouth, England arriving in New York, in Aug of 1776. His unit was in the Battle of Brooklyn Heights and other battles in the New York area.

He was reported as a deserter in August of 1781. Jacob Holsapple was one of 14 children, both of his parents were deceased by 1772. It has been said that he was taken prisoner at the Battle of Trenton, I do not know this for fact.

Jacob Holsapple married Catherine Van Meter in 1783 in Salem County,New Jersey. There was a bit of controversy in the Van Meter family concerning his being a deserter from the Hessian regiment. He lives in southwestern Pennsylvania, Orange County and Washington County,Virginia. By 1815 he was in Washington County, Indiana where he wrote a will that was never probated. Because of this will it is assumed that he returned to Cumberland County, Kentucky and died there in about 1816. This would make him about 67 years of age at his death.

Jacob and Catherine VanMeter Holsapple had eleven living children. The given names of the children are certainly from the Holzapfel family and a few from the VanMeter family. George the first child was named for his paternal grandfather, Johann George Holzapfel(1718- 1771).

Jacob and Catherine are the ancestors of thousands in these United State of America, we can all be proud of our German heritage, as the Hozapfel name is synonymous with Eschwege,Hesse,Germany.

Robert V. Woods

HORNOCKER, ANDREAS - I believe my ancestor, Andreas Hornocker, was a Hessian soldier and participated in a German unit during the Battles of Bemis Heights and/or Stillwater and after the surrender of Burgogne, he probably came to Sand Lake, Rensselaer, New York where he married in 1778.

Do you have any way of verifying this info that was taken from an article in the Pomona Progress Bulletin, 2 May 1932, in California?

Nancy Neal