GELDMACHER - I am looking for information of Ludwig Geldmacher. He may have been with the Von Rall Grenadier Regiment 5 Co. Thanks!

Marcia Moneymaker

GERHARD / GERHARDT, PHILIP - I am researching the lineage of Philip GERHARD / GERHARDT. Philip GERHARD / GERHARDT is listed in the book: Mercenaries from Hessen-Hanau Who Remained in Canada & the United States After the American Revolution from Westland Publication. Unfortunately, I have not been able to determine his parents.

I have written to the Hessisches Staatsarchiv at Marburg, Germany and they provided me with the following: Philip Gerhard was born in 1756 at either Littersbach-Zweibruecken, Bayern (Bavaria) or at Breslau, Silesia. He had joined the Hanauer-Regiment on 8 July 1777 and had already served six and one quarter years in other regiments. At the time, he was single, had one brother and one sister. His father was born around 1723, and his mother was born around 1731. Prior to his enlistment in the regiments, he was listed as Philip Gerhardt of Sarrebourg, generality of Metz in Lorraine. He was discharged on 21 July 1783. He married Madeleine LAPOINTE, daughter of Jean Lapointe and Madeleine DUPONT on 12 June 1787 at St. Nicolas, P.Q. (Province of Quebec) Canada, in the presence of Luke BRAUNN, Augustin BRUEHER and George LEITTER. They resided at St. Gilles, P.Q., Canada on Lot #25.

We know of three sons: Philippe, Louis, and Charles. Philippe married Madeleine DUBOIS on 19 July 1813 at St. Nicholas. They had four sons: Abraham, Julien, Pierre, and Louis. Abraham and Julien changed their name from GERHARD to GIRARD. Pierre and Louis changed their name to KIDHEART (variation QUEDHATTE).

Abraham married Hortence LANGLOIS on 9 September 1845 at Plessiville, P.Q. Canada. They had five sons: (1) Leandre, who married Elmire BAZIN, (2) Narcisse, who married Elise BLAIS, (3) Napoleon, who married Salomee ROUTHIER, (4) Sinai, who married Delima LANGLOIS, and (5) Joseph, who I am of direct descent, married Georgiana GAGNE on 20 July 1896 at St. Joseph, Biddeford, Maine, USA. They had two sons: Emile and Arthur; and two daughters: Eva and Juillette.

Emile is my Grandfather. He married Delvina CARON on 26 June 1927 at St. Andre, Biddeford, Maine, USA. They had four sons: Ralph, Fernand, Robert, and Raymond, and four daughters: Theresa, Juliette, Germain, and Doris. Fernand is my father. He married Doris DEMERS on 27 November 1954 at St. Joseph, Biddeford, Maine, USA. They had four sons: Paul, Roger, Donald and Marc.

Marc Girard

GERTMANN / HARTMANN, KONRAD - Konrad. age 19 (1757/58) born at Geislitz D6461, Jaeger (Chasseur), 3.Comp. Hanau Chasseur Corps (v.Francken's Comp.), enlisted March 1777, was discharged in Canada in Nov. 1782. per HETRINA

Gertman, Conrad. Private, son of Conrad and Catherine Kangermann, married Felicita Longtin, daughter of Augustin and Catherine Lamarque, married 27 feb 1786 St-Philippe de Laprairie. Looking for information and descendants.


GILDNER / GUILTNER, Simon - Do you have any information on this guy? He is one of my ancestors. This is the little information I have on him:

Married Marie Champagne on 04-06-1787 @ Christ Church Cathedral (Anglican) in Montreal, Quebec. He was 19 in 1757/58, born in Buchenau D6431 (not sure what this means) now 36132 Eiterfield near Bad Hersfield/Hessen He was a private (Chasseur) in 3. Comp. of Hesse-Hanau Chasseurs Corps, enlisted March 1777, discharged in Canada in August 1783.

Thanks for your help.

Albert Tisdelle

GRUBER, KASPAR - Kaspar Gruber was b. in Vienna Austria in 1742, and enlisted? in Ansbach. He was 6ft, and I believe in Company 2, of the battalion (von Roeder's).

He settled in Nova Scotia, married and had about 15 children and died in 1842.

I would like to find information about his parents, and enlistment. Does anyone know where would I find these?