EBERLIEN, Johannes - My gggg Grandfather came to the new world in 1777 as an enlisted man with the 2nd Regt of Ansbach/Beyreuth. His name was Johannes Eberlien. He was born 27 November,1754 in Wonsees, in Beyreuth, Bavaria. Johannes made landfall with Regiment #2 of the Ansbach/Beyreuth contingent on 05 June,1777 at Staten Island,NY. He served as any enlisted man does, but I guess by 1781 he had enough. His regiment was shipped south in summer 1781. On the evening of 10 August 1781 just outside of Yorktown, VA Johannes deserted his post.

For @ 2-1/2 years I lose track of Johannes. He reappears in 1784 in Pennsylvania. In that year on 04 May he married Ann McNeil of Wrights Ferry (modern Columbia,PA) Johannes lived on here, Columbia,PA and never left until death forced him to do so. He passed away 07 February 1822 his remains rest in the family plot there. What I find astounding is that older relatives recall letters from his parents to him. They actually handled them during the 1920-30's era. Unfortunately no one knows where they are today.

We do have silverware that was willed to my Johannes when his father passed away in 1801. This silver ware bears the hall mark of Johannes paternal great grandfather, Andres Rauh, B:1645 in Lahm, Bavaria.D: 14 January,1725 in Wonsees. Andres is a silversmith of record in that area. Obviously no one official ever cared that he desserted and never came home. Maybe he paid his $75.00 in silver for the Margraves foregiveness! Who knows! I'm certain that somewhere there are more answers and someday I will find them.

Barry Dusel