CHRISCAU - I am trying to find out more info on 2 men: Konrad Chriscau and George Chriscau.

I know that they arrived in Halifax, N. S. in 1781. I know that they served with the Hesse-Hanau Free Corps in New York. They were both honorably discharged in October 1783. I am trying to find out if they return to Germany or if they stay in America.

I am guessing that they may have been brothers. Can anyone tell where I might look for the info that I am seeking. Any help would be greatly appreciately.

I do not know if I am a descendent of theirs or not but there is a George Criscow born about 1765 that is living in NC, USA in 1790 with his family. That would put him about the right age to serve in the war. I am wondering if that might be the same man as above. Also, George and Conrad are both extremely common names in our Chriscoe family.

I know that this is a long shot but I have to follow it. I appreciate very much any help that you might give me.

Dana Garner

CROMIS - I am trying to find info on any Hessian soldier with the name of Cromis. The name probably had a different spelling at that time. I have found these variations Crommus, Cromus, Kromhus and am sure there are others. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Joann Kirby