BARCK / BERCK, ANDREAS - My ancestor's name was Andreas BARCK or BERCK,with the Speth company Riedesel Regt., either a musketeer or light infantryman. I want to know if he was with the Convention forces at Saratoga battles 1776. I also want to know if a certain Johann Berck or Barck is the same man or a brother,both of the same unit and place of birth.

Thank you,

BARTHOLOMEY, Johann Heinrich - My g-g-g-g-grandfather was a member Company 2 of the Jaeger Korps under Captain Johann Ewald, that arrived in New York on 22 October 1776. On 4 January 1777, he and another soldier, Christian (or possibly Adolph) Criselius, were taken prisoner in the vicinity of Trenton and Princeton, New Jersey.

On 1 March, 1777, Heinrich Bartholomey and Adolph Criselius enlisted with the Americans in the Corps of Count Nicholas von Ottendorff, with possibly 2 or 3 other soldiers from the Jaeger Korps. They were Heinrich Lueders, Matthias Guentzel, and Heinrich (or Konrad) Baetz. In 1778, Heinrich Bartholomey, was living in Upper Mt. Bethel Twp., Northampton Co., PA, where he remained until his death in 1822. He was born in Friedewald, Hesse, Germany on 22 July 1750. Would like to hear from anyone who might have additional information on any of the soldiers listed.

Mike Bartholomew

BERNGES - In researching the records of the Hessians in the American Revolution, I have come across two possibilities of my ancestor. This particular individual John Chris(Christian) Burgess changed his name from his original German name. I get the impression that he did not want to found out.

One of these names is Friedrich Bernges son of Johann Bernges and Anna Hedwig born on 4 February 1756 in Bleichenbach, Hesse, Germany. He was in the Bourgoyne Regiment, fifth unit, as a musketeer. He was captured, traded to the British and recaptured. After the last time he joined the Rhode Island Regiment as a private. After the war he settled in upper New York along Lake George.

The other soldier was named Anton John Watteremann.

Now both of these individuals are credited with marrying Hannah Newland.

Any additional information would be appreciated. It is frustrating trying to get a hard link.

Thanks, Clark Cox

BERNGRUBER / BARNGROVER - My great-great grandfather Sixtus Berngruber/Barngrover was from Ansbach Beyreuth Bavaria. He was a Canoneer in the Artillery Detachment. On August 28, l781 he and a camp attendant named Johann Konrad Bauman, took two horses and deserted.

He lived in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, then Mason County Kentucky and Highland County Ohio. That's all I know about him. Wish I knew more.

Thanks, Donna in Virginia

BIERWIRTH, JOHANNES - I have an ancestor, Johannes Bierwirth who is listed as a member of the Leib Co., Riedesel Regiment, at Sorel, Quebec in 1783. He is listed on a muster roll as Friedrich Bierwirth, and on another muster list from the Ehrenkrook Battalion in 1779, Schlugenteuffel Company as Christophe Bierwirth. He remained in Canada, married Barbara Mock and became a farmer in Missisquoi County, Quebec. He died about 1820 and is buried in Clarenceville, Quebec. I believe that Friedrich and Christophe were his given names, but would like to know whether anyone has ever seen the name Johannes Friedrich Christophe Bierwirth listed anywhere, either in North America or in Germany. His hometown is listed as Westerhof, which is now in Niedersachsen near Osterode Am Harz. Thank you.

Bernard Young

BOSE / BODE - American Name was John Borders, maybe Johannes Bode, b.1752/3, Private, Bose Regt. Hetrina II #1064- at Liebenau D-3521, now 34396 Liebenau/Hessen, 25 km NW of Kassel. 4,Comp. Kassel Regt.v.Bose, reported wounded in march 1781. No other dates given, no discharge date, and not on any Muster roll.

The v.Bose Regt. took part in Guilford Courthouse , Green Spring and Yorktown. The Battle of Guilford Courthouse took place on 15 March 1781, which indicates Johannes Bode may have been there. He may have disappeared somwhere between Guilford Courthouse and Yorktown. Help!! PLEASE !!

Dottie Blankenship

BRAUN, PHILLIP - I have just received some information about an ancestor. I have been told that his name was Phillip Braun and that he was a "Hessen" soldier that moved to Quebec after the Revolutionary war. Here is the information I have been sent:

Antoine Edward Beaubien was born 9 Mar 1806 at St.Jean Bte., Nicolet Co. Quebec. He married Marie Marguerite Braun 12 Jan 1830 st St.Jean Bte. Marguerite Braun is a decendent (daughter) of Phillip Braun a Hessen soldier who stayed & went to Canada.

Until today I had never heard of Hessen or Hessian soldiers and now I am very interested in them. I have no documentation to prove any of this, but I thought I would send it to you because you might know what to do with it. I know a great deal about Margarite's descendents, but I know nothing of her ancestors (or Phillip's). I would appreciate any information you can share -- I will read your website and the links.

Janet McCracken

BREIMESSER, CHRISTOF - I wonder if you could help me or point me into certain directions. I am trying to help my in-laws with their family history. Their last name is "Brymesser" and all we know is that the first Brymesser came to this country as a Hessian soldier (Christoph Breimesser). We'd like to know more about where he exactly came from in Germany and of course what happened to him later in America.

Cornee van der Linden

BURGESS, JOHN - My ancestor is John Christian Burgess (sometimes found as Chris John Burgess), b. 1757 in Hesse, Hassen, GER, m. 15 Feb 1727 in North Providence, RI to Hannah Newland.

I recently found an autobiography written by his great granddaughter Mary Harriet Burgess Bullard. She says he was a Hessian Soldier brought to America by the British to fight in the Revolutionary War, and that he became sympathetic to the colonist's cause and defected to their side, went into hiding in eastern New York around Port Ann and changed his name to Burgess.

She states that he married under the name of John Waters. Since he used John as a first name in both of the above aliases, his real name may have been Johanne, but other than that, I have no clue as to his real identity. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can find out?

Kathy Womack