AKENBERGER, JACOB - Searching for links back to Germany for Jacob Akenberger (Akinberger, Ekenberger, Ackenberger) who settled in western Pennsylvania (Somerset County). Jacob married a woman named Eve (no last name known) and their oldest son, Jacob Jr., was born in 1779.

I do not know that Jacob Akenberger, Sr. was a Hessian Soldier. However the timing of what we know of him give credence to it being a strong possibility. He purchased land in Somerset Co., PA on October 8, 1812. Jacob was a part of a reserve military unit at around that time, however I do not recall the exact details of this at the moment. From that point back we cannot find any trace of him or other family members.

This timetable of events bear a somewhat similar set of circumstances as occurred with my Maternat grandparents of that time. He and his brother were conscripted in to the Hessian Army and sent to America to New Jersey which was near Pennsylvania (A German speaking state). In their case, they then desserted and joined the Revolutionary Army where my maternal grandparent served in an Artillery unit.

I believe that since I have been unable to trace Jacob Akenberger or any family member of similar name and knowing that he spoke only German, it seems reasonable to attempt to find him as a conscripted soldier among the Hessian or other German soldiers of similar origin and circumstances.

Dale Ecenbarger, Sr