I. Richard LAMBERTON - married 3 Jul 1578 at All Hallows, London, England to Cassandre DIGHTON; Ch were:

1. Christopher LAMBERTON - Bapt. 11 Mar 1579/80 (See Below)

2. Harye LAMBERTON - Bapt. 15 Mar 1580/81 All Hallows, London, Eng

3. Marye LAMBERTON - Bapt. 22 Apr 1582 All Hallows, London, Eng

4. Thomas LAMBERTON - Bapt. 9 Jun 1583 All Hallows, London, Eng; m Sorothie ???

5. Anne/Agnis LAMBERTON - Bapt. 23 Aug 1584 All Hallow, London, Eng; m 27 Aug 1615 to Silvister PRICHILL

6. Rychard LAMBERTON, Jr - Bapt. 21 Nov 1585 All Hallows, London, Eng; m Rebecca ???

7. John LAMBERTON - Bapt. 12 Feb 1586/87 All Hallows, London, Eng

II. Christopher LAMBERTON - Bapt. 11 Mar 1579/80 at All Hallows, London, Eng; m Mary/Margaret DENIS; Ch were:

1. George LAMBERTON - b abt 1604 Eng (see below)

III. George LAMBERTON - b abt 1604 Eng; d 1646 At Sea; m 6 Jan 1628/29 at St. Nicholas Acons, London to Margaret LEWEN - Bapt. 28 Mar 1613 at St. Katherine by the Tower, London, Eng; Other spouse was Stephen GOODYEAR; Margaret was the dau of Henry LEWEN; Ch were:

1. Elizabeth LAMBERTON - b abt 1631 (see below)

2. Hannah LAMBERTON - b abt 1634; m Samuel WELLES of Wethersfield, CT; John ALLYN

3. Hope LAMBERTON - b abt 1635; m Samuel AMBROSE; ??? HERBERT; William CHEYNEY

4. Deliverance LAMBERTON - b abt 1638; d aft 1664

5. Mercy LAMBERTON - Bapt. 17 Jan 1639/40 New Haven, CT; d bef 1677; m Shubael PAINTER of Newport, RI; Ch were: (A) Mercy; (B) Thomas

6. Desire LAMBERTON - Bapt. Bapt. 14 Mar 1641/42 New Haven, CT; m Aug 1667 in Springfield, MA to Thomas COOPER of Springfield, MA

7. Obedience LAMBERTON - Bapt. 9 Feb 1643/44 New Haven, CT; d 29 Mar 1734; m 13 Jan 1674/75 to Samuel SMITH - d 1723

NOTES: George Lamberton of New Haven, CT was probably a merchant from London, England. He, and in the company of others, tried to establish a settlement in Delaware, but were resisted by the Swedes who had settled there.

Failing in this they built or had built a ship in Rhode Island to be used in trade with England and other countries. They named the ship "Fellowship".

In the winter of 1645/6 the Fellowship was chartered by "The Company of Merchants of New Haven". Captain George Lamberton was in command. The ship was laden with peas, wheat, hides from West India, plate and beaver pelts. Seventy persons were on Board.

The loading of the ship was delayed so that it was not ready to sail until winter. In order to get to sea they had to chop through ice for three miles. The ship was never heard from again.

In the spring a cloud floated over New Haven
which the people thought resembled the shape of the
As a result,
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
wrote the poem,

IV. Elizabeth LAMBERTON - b abt 1632 London, Eng; d May 1716 West Haven, CT; m 9 Mar 1656/57 to William TROWBRIDGE; Other spouse was Daniel SELLIVENT

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