One of my hobbies is gardening, well house plants and potted patio plants since I live in the city. Also since I live in the Arizona desert growing things can be a challenge. I have set up a separate Gardening Page. There are many Links and a separate section for Herb Gardening. Another section has Homepages of my Cyberfriends from the Garden Chat at WBS.


Most of us like to bake and as the Holidays grow nearer so does the time for baking all those favorite cookies. We all have special ones we look forward to and I am collecting my Cyberfriend's favorites on a Cookies Page.


Our pets are a very important part of our lives, even moreso as we get older. Growing up on a dairy farm I was surrounded by animals and we had many "barn cats" to keep down the mouse population. I now have an older cat we call Little Bit.

We also have a dog named Pupper. He is a male Keeshond who will be seven in February of 1998... if you want to know more about him or see a picture, please visit his page.

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