William Bushnell Sr m Joan ???
William Bushnell
John Bushnell
Nicholas Bushnell m Elizabeth ???
Francis Bushnell I
Francis Bushnell II m Ferris Quenell
Lt. William Bushnell m Rebecca Chapman
Francis Bushnell m Hannah Seymour
Hannah Bushnell m Lt. Samuel Knapp

I. William BUSHNELL, Sr - b 1434; m Joan ???; Ch were:
1. William BUSHNELL- b abt 1466 (see below)

II. William BUSHNELL, Jr - b abt 1466; Ch were:
1. John BUSHNELL- B ABT 1492 (see below)

III. John BUSHNELL - b abt 1492; Ch were:
1. Nicholas B BUSHNELL - b 1524 (see below)

IV. Nicholas B BUSHNELL - b 1524 Tilehurst, Becks, Eng; d 19 Jan 1591/92; m 1549 to Elizabeth ??? - b 1528; Ch were:
1. Francis BUSHNELL I - b 1550 (see below)

V. Francis BUSHNELL I - b 1550 Thatcham, Berkshire, Eng; d 15 Aug 1625 Thatcham, Berkshire, Eng; Ch were:
1. Francis BUSHNELL II - b 1580 (see below)

VI. Francis BUSHNELL II - b 1580 Thatcham, Berkshire, Eng; d 1646 Guilford, CT; m Ferris QUENELL - bapt 17 Apr 1587 Horsham, Sussex, Eng; d 10 Mar 1627/28 Horsham, Eng; Ch were:
1. Edmond BUSHNELL - b 27 Apr 1606
2. Francis BUSHNELL III - 8 Jan 1608/09; m Grace WELLS NORTON
3. Lt William BUSHNELL - B 3 Feb 1609/10 (see below)
4. Ruth BUSHNELL - b 1612
5. Stephen BUSHNELL - b abt 1613
6. John BUSHNELL - b 1615
7. Thomas BUSHNELL - b 1617
8. Richard BUSHNELL - b abt 1618; d abt 1660; m Mary MARVIN; Ch were: A. Joseph b 2 May 1651; B. Richard Jr b 10 Sep 1652; C. Mary b Jan 1654/55; D. Mercy/Maria b Mar 1656/57
9. Mary BUSHNELL - b abt 1618
10. Rebecca BUSHNELL - b 1621
11. Sarah BUSHNELL - b abt 1625
12. Elizabeth BUSHNELL - b 8 Mar 1627/28

NOTES: FROM: OUR EARLY EMIGRANT ANCESTORS, Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Co, 1962 - Licenses to Go Beyond the Seas - pages 47-49

"Theis pties heereunder mentioned are to be transported to New England, imbarqued in the "Planter", Nicholas Trarice, Master, bound thither. They have brought certificates from the Justices of Peace and Minister of the parish that they are conformable to the orders of ye Church of England, and are no subsidy men; they have taken the oath of supremacie and allegeance, die and ano prede."---------On this list are Francis Bushnell, age 26 (this would be son Francis Bushnell III); Maria (Mary) Bushnell also 26; and Martha Bushnell, age 1.

FROM: THE PLANTERS OF THE COMMONWEALTH - 1620 - 1640, by Charles Edward Banks

page 140 - PLANTER of London, Nicholas Trerice, Master. She sailed from London about April 10 (1635) and arrived at Boston June 7, following

page 143 - The following passengers certified from St. Albans, Hertz: Francis Bushnell, age 26, carpenter from Berkshire (settled in Salem, MA); Mrs. Mary Bushnell, age 26; Martha Bushnell, age 1; William Lea, age 16; Mary Smith, age 18.


page 6 - 32 emigrants from 15 Parishes in Berkshire - Francis Bushnell from Thatcham Parish on "PLANTER" to Boston, Mass.; Salem, Mass.; Norwalk, Conn.

VII. Lt. William BUSHNELL - bapt 3 Feb 1609/10 Horsham, Sussex, Eng; d 12 Dec 1683 Saybrook, New London Co, CT; m 1643 at Saybrook to Rebecca CHAPMAN - b aft 1616 Eng; d 14 May 1703 at Saybrook; Ch were:
1. Deacon Joshua BUSHNELL - b 6 May 1644 Saybrook, CT; d Mar 1709/10; m 5 May 1682 at Norwalk, Fairfield Co, CT to Mary SEYMOUR - b Sep 1658; dau of Thomas SEYMOUR & Hannah MARVIN; Ch were: A. Thankful b 3 Jan 1685/86; B. Capt Joshua Jr - b 8 Nov 1690; d 1778; m Lydia LYNDE, Margaret CHAPMAN, Elizabeth HAWLEY; C. Hannah - b 16 Nov 1693; m 18 Feb 1712/13 to Joseph NETTLETON
2. Samuel BUSHNELL - b Sep 1645
3. Rebecca BUSHNELL - b 5 Oct 1646
4. William BUSHNELL - 15 Feb 1648/49
5. Francis BUSHNELL - b 6 Jan 1649/50 (see below)
6. Stephen BUSHNELL - b 4 Jan 1652/53 (twin)
7. Thomas BUSHNELL - b 4 Jan 1652/53 (twin)
8. Judith BUSHNELL - b Jan 1654/55

NOTES: FROM: BUSHNELL FAMILY GENEALOGY, Compiled by George Eleazer Bushnell, Nashville, TN, 1945

William Bushnell, it is inferred, came to New England with his brothers Francis & Richard, and for a few years resided at Salem, MA and probably removed to Guilford, CT before their father's death, all coming together. He was a carpenter and soon removed to Saybrook, CT where his services were much needed.

According to family tradition he built the first meeting house in Saybrook abt 1646, and by record, he built the second. The records also show that he received 6s for mending the drum that called the people to worship and to town meetings, and 10s - 6d for making pikes for the soldiers.

On 12 Sep 1652, Daniel Sledd of London, ENG, executor of the estate of his father, William Sledd, deceased, authorized his Uncle John Leigh of Ipswich, MA to collect a debt from William Bushnell of Guilford in New England, sadler, for goods bought of his father; this debt was still claimed on 5 Oct 1666 when Peter Blanchford of New London was empowered to make the collection, William being then of Saybrook. He was also mentioned in the will of Bozone Allen of Boston, MA.

In 1659/60 he was collector of the town rate, and on 3 Oct 1661 was appointed Ensign of the train band (militia), and served in that capacity during the Indian wars. In 1663 he took the inventory of the estate of Joseph Clark and on 4 July 1665, Robert Chapman, William Post, Francis Bushnell, Robert Lay, William Bushnell & Abram Post, representing the inhabitants of Saybrook, entered into an agreement with the Mohigan Indians, whereby additional lands were acquired by the town, and the former grants confirmed (vide).

On 3 Nov 1669, he sold two acres of his pasture to Abraham Post for a home lot, and on 12 May 1670 was appointed Deputy to the General Court. In 1673 he was a leather sealer; 1675 lister; 1677 townsman; and 1681 lister to rate all taxable lands, on 12 May 1679 he was appointed Lt. of the train band, & on 22 of the same month was one of four to draw up a plea.

On 4 Sep 1672, Thomas Adgate who had married his brother Richard's widow, sold a tract of land in Saybrook to "brother William Bushnell", and in Aug 1683, he testified to the nunc. will of Sussannah Waddams and 2 months later died on 12 Nov 1683. By the will of Uncas, Sachem of the Mohigans, dated 19 Apr 1684, 1500 acres of land was devised to him.

The inventory of his estate was presented to the New London Court on 24 Nov 1683 and adm. was granted to his eldest sons Joshua & Samuel until the next tern of court in Sep when William Dudley was appointed. At that time a dist. was ordered to the children & all of his daughters were named by their marriage names, except Lydia Seward. On 4 May 1698, in another record concerning his estate, the names of his sons Joshua, Samuel, William & Thomas were given & on 2 June 1710, Robert Chapman & John Clark were called upon to pass judgement on the value of a 1500 acre tract of land in Hebron, by Samuel Bushnell, only surviving adm. of the estate of his father, Lt. William Bushnell of Saybrook, dec'd naming the surviving heirs as Samuel, William, Thomas, Daniel, Rebecca Hand, Judith Seward, Abigail Seward & Lydia Seward.

VIII. Francis BUSHNELL - b 6 Jan 1649/50 Saybrook, CT; d Oct 1697 Danbury, CT; m 12 Oct 1675 at Norwalk, CT to Hannah SEYMOUR - b 12 Dec 1654 at Norwalk, CT; d abt 1723; dau of Thomas SEYMOUR & Hannah MARVIN; Ch were:
1. Hannah BUSHNELL - b 22 Aug 1676 (see below)
2. Mary BUSHNELL - b 21 Dec 1679; m John TAYLOR - b 1673 at Norwalk, Fairfield, CT; d abt 1743
3. Abigail BUSHNELL - b abt 1680; m Rev Seth Shove
4. Lydia BUSHNELL - b 1681; d 23 Aut 1786; m John FITCH - b 29 Sep 1677; d abt 1760
5. Mercy BUSHNELL - b 1687; d 9 Nov 1767; m 3 Jan 1711/12 Maj John BOSTWICK of New Milford, CT; Other spouse was James LOCKWOOD of Norwalk, CT
6. Rebecca BUSHNELL - d aft 1712
7. Judith BUSHNELL - d aft 1712

NOTES: Francis BUSHNELL & Hannah SEYMOUR were first cousins

IX. Hannah BUSHNELL - b 22 Aug 1676 at Norwalk, CT; d abt 1723 at Danbury, CT; m abt 1696 to Lt. Samuel KNAPP (see Knapp Page)

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