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It was Gardenangel's birthday and 'da gang' was in a tizzy,
They were giving her a party, and many hands were busy.
It was time for the arrival of the very honored guest,
And Spaine, Perenne and Lady Gould had done their very best.
They kept the party secret, yet they got them all together,
Keeping one eye on the party plans and one eye on the weather.
The day was clear and bright, no hint of rain or thunder,
And even Moth and Raindrop had come up here from
"Down Under."

Gardenangel parked the truck and headed for the trailer,
When suddenly she wondered if her wits had gone and failed her!
For straight ahead a banner hung, stirring in the breeze,
It said, "Dear GA have a Happy Birthday please!"
She saw that all her friends were there, smiling at the door,
Dustine, Noweeds, Magnolia Miss, and Gardenchef and more.

They patted her and hugged her, and smiled and laughed and sighed,
The gardenangel blushing, but there was no place to hide.
Alvin stood up at her knee, a balloon tight in his jaws,
And all the chatters burst out then in happy, loud applause.
The garden boys were waving each a great big palm frond fan,
And there was Iris, NuShoots, Parisite, Zbac, and Yardenman.

Koala was making hamburgers, and Squirrel Man serving beer,
While Miss Canthus poured out diet Coke (the favorite beverage here).
Around her were many festive things, done by all the schemers,
Balloons and flower garlands, and long crepe paper streamers.
A lump in Gardenangel's throat, a tear came to her eye,
She said her dearest garden friends had made her want to cry.

Now everybody talked at once, and there was great confusion,
For there were food and drinks and gifts and music in profusion,
Avanti, Ashes, Lawm and Lady D formed a barbershop quartet,
Then Munchie and Andres stood up, and sang a fine duet.

Grandma Joyce had brought along some choice rocks from her mountain,
And right out front she built a blue stone water fountain.
Pam the Puddler helped her and they made it deep and wide,
With a little spot for Abcat to catch fishes from the side.

Delta brought a birdhouse, Caspia some gorgeous lilies,
Marvgard brought candy (GA's favorite Jelly Bellies),
Danger Cat made a lovely quilted friendship pillow,
Michie and Rotche came carrying a potted weeping willow.

There were cards for her and little gifts and goodies sure to please.
Caroline and all the kids had brought her goat's milk cheese.
Singapore's Steven Lim brought flowers, and so did Garden Sass,
And Mel (whom no one knew at all) was there to meet at last!

Gardenangel looked up suddenly, and saw with great surprise,
A startling sight was hanging in the air before her eyes.
For while English played the banjo and Ponygirl the fiddle,
Abcat came floating past them with balloons tied to his middle!

As he drifted slowly by, Skoeter tried to catch him,
And Gardenangel reached up so anxiously to snatch him.
But he caught a sudden draft and quickly rose above her,
Grinning at her from up high where he just seemed to hover.

A little breeze came springing up, but Abner didn't care,
He blinked at Gardenangel as he rose up in the air.
She grabbed at him again, urged on by Tpike's screech,
But the fat balloons with helium just pulled him out of reach.

The cake was colorful and huge, so big it sat apart,
Enticing in its icing, balanced on the garden cart.
It teetered wildly as Dibobo wheeled it out,
And the gardeners greeted it with an eager, hungry shout.

When suddenly it tottered and collapsed right near the house,
And out tumbled a very hot and rumpled Garden Mouse!
Bflylady picked him up, and smoothed poor Mouse's hair,
And Gardenangel hugged him hard, so glad to see him there.

Mpeekaboo brought out another cake, and Frantzwa tarts and things,
Daffie-Dill brought yummy barbecue, and Rooter chicken wings.
With Arborvite's do-nuts, Aunt B's pies, and Botnik's tasty bread,
And 4JR's smoked turkey, each guest was quite well fed.
Baked beans and salad from 4getmenots, and many another thing,
And maybe you can guess what came from our dear Pepper King!

Now Eldnag was in charge of keeping Abcat out of trouble,
He watched him nervously as he was lifted like a bubble.
At first old furry face was fine and floating free,
But suddenly he hung up in a big ole kumquat tree!

Nuge and CyberCop watched Abner's rising with concern.
DivingD shouted out, He's in the tree, will that cat ever learn?
Abner grinned at them and winked, for he was in his glory,
But as he drifted there a new cause came to worry.
It all had seemed like fun at first, but now they changed their tune,
A mocking bird was angrily attacking Ab's balloons!

Zimmie and Hilltopper were in the garden, counting butterflies.
They heard a POP!, another POP!, and right before their eyes,
There came Abner falling fast, with loud meows and cries!
They pulled down the birthday banner, and each one held a side,
And Ab plopped in and bounced a bit, no worse for the ride!

The reveling went on all day, and far into the night,
Till the manager came stomping in, spoiling for a fight,
But sweet Blulady coaxed him with her fine strawberry jam,
And soon he was eating cake and pie and meek as any lamb.

As parties go this one was great, a treat, a joyous pleasure.
And Gardenangel's glad she has so many friends to treasure.
They came from far and wide to help her celebrate,
Because they love her and they think their Angel's truly great!

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