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Officer in the rifle-regiment of Lieut.Gen. von Lossberg since 1758.
Listed in the regimental roll of October 20, 1782 as an officer in the
company of Maj.Gen. von Loos.  Mentioned in the regimental diary as 
returned from the U.S. to the regiment in Canada on August 23, 1783.

Friedrich Carl Wolff was born in Bassum, Germany, on August 28, 1737 and
died in Obernkirchen, Germany, on April 18, 1814. He was drafted in 1758,
fought the Seven Years' War, and was shipped to America. He returned to
Germany in 1783 and married in Rinteln, Germany, on January 29, 1788.

The significance to Americans of his marriage in Germany is that it was his
SECOND marriage recorded as the marriage of a WIDOWER. Thus he must have
had a first wife in America, and perhaps could have had American children
unknown to his German descendants.

His diary was passed to one of his grandsons, Georg Heinrich Wilhelm Wolff,
born in Dedesdorf, Germany, November 12, 1831.  This grandson emigrated to
Baltimore in 1851, worked as a cook on German and American ships, and was
last heard of from a whaling ship docked in Mauritius in 1860. His
grandfather's, the Hessian soldier's diary is presumed lost togehter with
this emigrant.

Two grandaughters of Friedrich Carl Wolff, the Hessian soldier, emigrated
to Baltimore in 1849 and married there.

I. Caroline Margarethe Friederike Wolff, born in Desdesdorf, Germany,
February 4, 1826, married the Swiss Thomas Walther in Baltimore on December
31, 1850. Of her 4 known children, the only one surviving to 1865 was
Wilhelm Heinrich Thomas Walther, born in Baltimore on January 26, 1852. The
last news from the Walther family were by letter of 1865 to Germany from
Lincoln, Illinois, where they were unsuccessful farmers.

II. Sophie Elise Wilhelmine Wolff, born in Dedesdorf, Germany, on January
28, 1829, married W. R. Schmidt in Baltimore and had 4 known children.
        1. Wilhelm became a pharmacist in St.Louis
        2. Eugen
        3. Alexander
        4. Lottchen, who married John Leonardy, fruit grower in the State
of Washington.

        I have one picture of each of the three grown sons, great-grandsons
of the Hessian soldier.

S. Damus
1879 Kingsdale Avenue
Gloucester, Ontario
Canada, K1T 1H9