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Father & Son Veterans of the American Revolution


A timeline of Jeffery's participation in the Revolution taken from:

P. 232 - Last French and Indian War (1761-2) - "Though the war was substantially ended, yet the MA authorities levied an army of 3,000 men. Capt. John Nixon (who since 1759 is put down as a resident of Sudbury) raised a large company, and was in service from Apr 18, 1761, to July 28, 1762. There are in all 108 names on this muster-roll. Some of the following names, credited to this town, will be recognized as found on earlier rolls, and a part are new. A few of these became better known in the war of the Revolution." (among these names is Jeffrey Hemenway)

P. 277 - War of the Revolution - A Muster-Roll of a Minute Company belonging to Framingham, under the command of Capt. Simon Edgell, who marched on the Alarm on the 10th of April, 1775, to Concord and Cambridge. (Jeffrey Hemenway appears on this list)

P. 279 - War of the Revolution - ...Lt. Thomas Drury, of Capt. Edgell's Co., resigned his commission, and commenced recruiting a Co. for an eight months' service - he enlisted 63 men; his commission is dated April 24, 1775, and his Co. drew pay from that date. (Jeffrey Hemenway enlisted April 24)

P. 311 - War of the Revolution - Jeffrey Hemenway was in Capt. Ebenezer Belknap's company, Col. Nathaniel Wade's regiment, from April 1, 1778 to Jan. 1, 1779.

P. 316 - War of the Revolution - 1779 - Jeffrey Hemenway was in Capt. Francis Wilson's Co., 3 months' service in NY from Oct. 21.


Commonwealth of Massachusetts, County of Worcester

On this twenty fourth day of September in the year eighteen hundred and
thirty-eight formally appeared before ________ Barton, Judge of the Court
of Probate for said County of Worcester. Hepsibah Hemenway, a resident of
Worcester in said County, a colored woman, aged seventy-five years, who
being first duly sworn according to law, doth on her oath make the
following declaration in order to obtain her benefit of the pension
made by the Act of Congress ________ July 7, 1818 entitled an Act
granting half pay issue pensionto certain widows. That she is the widow of Jeffry Hemenway, late of said Worcester,
deceased, who was a soldier of the Revolution and a pensioner of the
United States under the Act of 1818. He belonged to said Worcester
when he went into the service, and she belonged to the same town.
She was always understood that her said husband was out the greatest
part of the war, once particularly the last three years service, but
it is impossible for her to specify this service. She trusts they are
found in the said case of her husband sufficiently to entitle her to a
full pension. She further declares that her maiden name was Hepsibah
Crossman, that she was married to the said Jeffry, or as he was commonly
called Jeff Hemenway at said Worcester by William Young, Esquire a
Justice of the Peace sometime late in the fall of the year seventeen hundred
and eighty-nine. She knows the time from the circumstance that they were
married nearly a year after their publishment in December 1788. She
reollects that Squire Young told them they must be married soon, or the
year would be out and they would have to be published again. She recollects
the time also from the circumstance that they were married the fall after
their oldest child Joseph was born, and he would be fifty years old next
May. She then lived with her said husband and they thought after they were
published it would make no difference about being married if they were
married before the year was out. Since their marriage they have had a
large family of children as by reference to the records of their births
will apprise. She finds a record of their publishment, but in regard to
the record of their marriage, she can find none, the said Young not being
in the habit of returning the marriage document, and as for his papers they
are said to have been burnt by accident. She trusts however, no one will
question her marriage, as she lived with her said husband respectfully about
thirty years, and at the time of his death, as a widow desires the
balance of the pension due to him. She further declares that her husband,
the aforesaid Jeffry Hemenway died at said Worcester on the fifteenth day of
August in the year eighteen hundred and nineteen, and that she has never
been married sincehis death. That she was not married to him previous to
his leaving the service, but the marriage took place prior to the first of
January, year seventeen hundred and ninety, to be, as the time above states.
Sworn and subscribed her the day and year Hepsibah X Hemenway first above written mark before me ______________Barton, Judge of the Court of Probate for said County of Worcester


A timeline of Thaddeus's participation in the Revolution

P. 300 - War of the Revolution - Muster-Roll of Capt. Aaron Gardner's Co. in Col. E. Brooks' Reg. - in service on the North River, till Nov. 19, 62 days. (Thaddeus Hemenway is on list)

P. 306 - War of the Revolution - Muster-Roll of Capt. Joseph Winch's Co. in Col. Samuel Bullard's Reg. of MA State Militia, from Aug 16 to Dec 10, 1777 (Thaddeus Hemenway is on list)

P. 311 - War of the Revolution - June 12, 1778 - Capt. Simon Edgell raised a Co. of 28 men from Framingham, Hopkintow & Sherborn, for 6 months' service in R.I. in Col. Nathaniel Wade's Reg. (Thaddeus is among those from Framingham)

P. 314 - War of the Revolution - June 21, 1779 - By order of the General Court, four men were called for to serve in R.I. for six months. The town voted to hire the men instead of drafting them. (Thaddeus was one of the four)

P. 317 - War of the Revolution - A Pay Roll of the men the town of Framingham raised and sent to the continental service for six months in the year 1780, (Thaddeus is on list as age 19, date of discharge Jan 4, 1781)

P. 321 - War of the Revolution - On the Roll of Capt. Staples Chamberlain's Holliston Co., that marched to Tiverton, RI, by order of his Excellency John Hancock, Mar. 7, 1781, are the following names of men credited to Framingham: (Thaddeus is among them)

Thaddeus Hemenway and Peter Tower enlisted for six months' service, Dec 26. (1781)


Thaddeus Hemenway, who had served with the MA troops five years in the Revolutionary War and took part in the battles of Stillwater, Newport and Lake George, came to Sheshequin in or before 1813. He spent his last years in the Ghent neighborhood and Rome. The old patriot was fond of repeating the following:

"Hicks and Gibbs marched along from Watertown to glory;
Hemenway composed a song, and Bump told hunting stories."

He died in Rome Township, his wife, Lavina, surviving him some years.


Thaddeus enlisted in Framingham, Middlesex Co., MA, Apr 1, 1777 - served as a private in Peter Clayes' Co., Col. Thomas Nixon's MA Regiment - was in the Battle of Lake George and Stillwater - was discharged in Apr 1778. He served frequent enlistments as a six month man. He was in the battle of Newport & served until Apr 1781 when he enlisted for 3 years, served as private in Capt. Jonathan Maynard's Co., Col. Brooks, MA Regiment until March 1782 when he stated that he was permitted to go home and he never returned to service.

Thaddeus Hemenway applied for pension Feb 18, 1819 at which time he was aged 58 years and a resident of Wysox Twp., Bradford Co., PA where he still resided in 1820. His claim for pension was not allowed as it appeared by letter from Gov. Brooks under whom the soldier served that he deserted the service (this letter is missing from file). In 1820 the soldier referred to his wife, Lovina aged 58 years and to a son aged 16 years, whose name he did not give.